Friday, September 11, 2009

Am I Being Absolutely Ridiculous?

Just last week, we redid our cell phone plan. Our other plan was just costing way too much money, over $300 per month. I was using my cell for work, Mr. R uses his for work, Missy had a cell phone, and then we had a spare, which Mr. R's sister Sissy is using. We gave her two months notice that we were going to be shutting off her phone, as we simply couldn't afford to pay for her phone anymore. She agreed to this, and I thought that was that.
So we were down to three phones. Mine, Mr. R's, and Missy's. The boys are not really phone users, although I purchased a go-phone for Tiger for emergencies. I didn't bother getting one for Bucket, as he is just not interested. By making these changes, we are saving almost $175 a month. That's pretty huge! The only part was, I tried to convince Mr. R to up the minutes to 3000 instead of 1500. I didn't think 1500 was going to be enough, especially since I'm on the phone quite a bit. He disagreed. So it stayed at 1500.
So I admit that I was a bit peeved when Mr. R called to say that Sissy was begging to keep the cell. I said, "Honey, we already don't have enough minutes to share for the three of us. Now you want to add her? She's on the phone a lot!" The solution? It ended up being me not using my phone. So I have this really nice new phone, which I had already organized for work purposes. Over 100 work contacts. Filled schedule. I was completely enamored of the phone and was using it several hours a day. And now I can't use it. I was using my bluetooth, my back and neck were feeling better because I wasn't typing with the house phone hunched on my shoulder, and it was great. I got to use it for four days. To say I am ticked off is not quite accurate. Furious sounds better. You know, I don't expect to be in his Top 5 or even his Top 10, but to get blown off for his sister hurt a lot. So, it was too much money to give me the minutes I needed for work, but for her, we can afford it. Talk about getting put in your place.
So I took the battery out of the phone, stuck it in a plastic baggie, and put it in my nightstand. After I deleted every contact I had set up and cleared out the calendar that took me hours to set up. I'm back to my cruddy paper planner and four advil a day because I'm using the house phone.
Long story short is, call me at the house if you need me. Cell phone has been disabled so that Sissy can fight with her ex on our dime.

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