Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Bad for a Birthday Weekend

I fully expected to post a high birthday weight, but am pleasantly surprised that I lost instead.
I have a great birthday post, except I need to take a few pictures, so it will have to wait until later. Until then, let me say that I am happy for the rain we're getting. I know most of the country has been inundated lately with the wet stuff, but we still need it! There are wildfires surrounding us and there is a 90% chance today. Praise God.


Kelly said...

Way to go on the downward weight!!!! Doesn't it feel so good? I've lost 29 now since last year, but 15 since Feb. when I joined WW. So nice.

Was it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Sarah R said...

Yes, my birthday was Friday! I took a three day weekend from work, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did a lot of walking which is why I'm sure I lost, because I ate heartily and even had a few pina coladas!