Monday, January 5, 2009

Beautiful? ME?!?!

Did ya'll see that picture I posted below? I also posted it on my facebook, and I got not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE compliments on how "beautiful" and "pretty" I am. Granted, one of those people is my mom, but she is the first person to tell me when I'm fat, ugly, or dirty, so I totally count her compliment. In fact, it's almost worth two compliments to me just for that reason.

For one, I was going to toss that sweater, but I'm totally keeping it now. And second, if you see someone today, tell them THEY LOOK NICE. I frankly can't remember the last time anyone has said that to me, besides my husband. (and we all know why men tell us we're pretty, right? hahahaha) I have a total confidence boost right now!

Oh, and if any of ya'll want to link to my facebook, you can find me under Sarah Miller (which is my maiden name) and then my last name which starts with the letter R. Sorry I won't be more specific than that, but just look for the picture!

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