Sunday, December 7, 2008


Bucket had an awesome time at the Ice show, and at McDonalds, and at the Walk Through Bethlehem display at a church in Longwood. Unfortunately, he was just starting to come down with a cold as I sent him. I'm sure being at the Ice show (they keep the temp at 9 flippin degrees!) probably didn't help his situation. By the time he came home, he was happy, but his voice was gone. I didn't pick him up until 8:15, and the poor child was out cold by 9pm. Let me tell you, that never happens! So I knew he was pretty sick.
This morning when he woke up, I knew immediately there would be no church. I am one of those people who keep my kids home when they're sick. I cannot stand it when I'm out somewhere, and someone cheerfully says, "Yes, she has strep, but we wouldn't miss this for the world!" And then I end up with three sick kids, three copays, three prescriptions for meds, and three kids home from school. Look, I realize there are always situations when you can't help being out when you're ill, but if you can avoid infecting me with your ewwwwww, stay home!
Anyway, I have a huge smile on my face, because Bucket's Sunday school teacher Gwen called to check up on him.
I'm sure most people wouldn't think this is unusual. But for someone who is not my relative call to check up on brings tears to my eyes. To know that someone cared enough about him to see how he was doing. Let me tell you, this is another rarity. A rarity that I could stand to see more.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing people who care about Bucket, who care about our family, into our lives.

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