Monday, December 29, 2008


Is that even a word? Anyhoo...

Been thinking a lot about the future. Not worrying (like Mr. R) but merely wondering how things will pan out for us.
We are now in debt over the truck again. His old truck is not repairable, and so Mr. R is going to trade in the old one for $3000, and apply the price to the one he is driving now. He likes this new truck. Except for the smoker who was in there before, Mr. R says this is a better and newer truck. So, we are now $14,000 in the hole again. Sigh. Another 18-24 months of us being apart.
That leads us to an interesting situation. I am slated to graduate from Herzing College in April 2011, which is approximately the time when Mr. R's truck will be paid off.
Frankly, I can't imagine Mr. R driving much longer. Not only is he not crazy about it, health-wise, it's not very good for him. Plus, my husband is soooo smart and such a people person. Not saying that truck drivers can't be smart (obviously, they can) but that Mr. R is not happy where he is right now. Yet when I tried to sit him down so he could take a career test online, he refused to do it. He is not computer savvy and he feels awkward on a computer. He will surf but as far as typing, he doesn't care for it.
I am thinking that Mr. R should be working toward a degree for the next two years while he finishes paying off this new truck. Towards what, I don't know. Of course I'm partial to the medical, but not sure if he would be happy with that. I was taking my medical terminology exam last week, and he knew almost all of the answers without even studying! What I know is, my sweet husband is now in his late 30s. I know he wants to be done with truck driving by the time he is 40. If he is going to do that and not end up being a manager at a BK or something, then he needs to get an education. I'm not trying to be a pushy wife, but this is reality. As smart as my husband is, all he has is a high school diploma from 1991 and a certificate from a trade school that lasted two months.

I wonder if Herzing has anything for my honey?


Amy Chastek said...

Have him call us, we'd be happy to explore his options, interests and see if there is a fit for him at Herzing or somewhere else. My direct number is 866-508-0748, ext. 859.

Amy (Director of Career Services)

Sarah R said...

Why, thanks, Amy! I will mention it to him. He would definitely have to be online since he's in a semi truck all over the country.