Monday, September 8, 2008

The Problem with Life is that it's So Daily...

I haven't posted much about Mr. R's job lately because nothing was really happening. He was offered a local position with his current company. He ran it one time, and now the radius of this "local run" keeps widening to include different states, therefore making it NON-LOCAL and therefore, not what we were wanting. I sort of had a feeling the local job offer was too good to be true, and did tell Mr. R so, but he thought I was being negative. (I don't consider myself negative at all, but I am a realist!) While he was in the office of a manager, his cell phone rang, and it was a company offering him a true local run...home time daily. However, the pay...well, it's not low, but it's a lot less than we're used to seeing. And it's over an hour away, so that would be a lot of mileage on our personal vehicle. And we don't even have a figure from Allstate yet regarding our Jeep.
I'm going to have to sit at my Excel spreadsheet and do some calculations (go, computer class!) and see if we can afford to take this job. He is excited about it...its trucking, plus setting up audio visual equipment, which is like a fantasy to him. He loves music equipment, as evidenced by the ginormous drum kit in my dining room.

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