Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Office Depot is my HomeSkillet

When I got up this morning, the first thing I realized is that my headset was not on my desk. I found it in the living room, being chewed by a kitten. Curses! Of course it no longer worked, and a trip to Office Depot was warranted. Due to the car accidents, I simply HAVE to have a headset, or my neck and shoulders will scream in agony. I can't hold a phone in my neck, tilt my head, and type all day. That would lead to abuse of Alcohol/Advil cocktails. So in the car I went.
Most people might groan, but I looooove a trip to the Depot. It is a fantasy land for office nerds like myself. I only needed one thing, but I ended up buying three. I got my headset, plus I got one of those cushion gel wrist pads for my keyboard, as the kids picked all the gel out of the old one. And I got fancy pens. I love fancy pens! I simply abhor those cheap pens that come 100 in a box for 5 bucks. I buy them for the kids because they lose pens like it's nobody's business. But for me, I get the nice ones. I love a good gel pen, or real ink pen. If you can buy refills for it, I'm all over it. There is something about the way the ink flows out of the tip, and stains the paper, that gives me goosebumps. Typing has NOTHING on writing.


Miriam said...

ooh, hahaha!! fancy pens, I love fancy pens too!! It makes everything you say so scholarly... mostly because when you go back and reread it, you can actually understand what you wrote... hahaha!!!

Sarah R said...

Typing may be more efficient, but writing in a good pen is more passionate. You're such an English major! ;)