Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keeping My Priorities Straight

Oh my word, peeps. I just had one of those experiences where I feel like God took my face in His Hands and gave me the slap I so sorely needed. Ever feel like that? You know, when you're off doing your own thing, thinking about your own goals, and pushing everything else aside?
I was merrily working (well, not really merrily, but whatever, I was working) and the phone rang. Heritage Middle School. I knew right away it would be Missy. She has been fighting a cold and losing for several days. She sounded awful. "Mommy, I want to go home!" I didn't even argue with her, I said, "I'll be right there." And I jumped in the rental car, drove to the school, showed my ID to the secretary, and drove my little girl home. On the way home she said, "Mommy, I'm so glad you work from home. If you were in Orlando, I would have had to wait over an hour to go home."
Thank God I was wearing my nifty Jackie O pink/purple sunglasses, because my eyes suddenly blurred with tears. Man, this motherhood gig makes me a cry a lot!
What made this short conversation even more poignant, was that less than 20 minutes before, Mr. R and I had been talking about an open position at the hospital. Before I even said anything, he said, "You can't apply for that job. The kids need you at home." I started to talk about they COULD be latch-key, lots of kids do it, and why is it always me who has to sacrifice, Mr. I'm-in-Dallas-having-real-barbecue? *cough cough*
Talk about the proverbial slap in the face. How is this a sacrifice? I am blessed beyond measure, to not only help Mr. R provide for our family, but to still be available when my children need me? I can't get it any better.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of my priorities when I become weak.


Miriam said...

I love that you're a stay at home, working Mom... I want to be you too one day soon!! You're an inspiration girl...

Sarah R said...

Me? Oh my word...I don't know what to say to that. inspiration?
I'm not sure if that makes me laugh or cry. Maybe both? I feel like such a failure most days.

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

What a wonderful story. Those moments really put everything into perspective, don't they?