Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're Fine for Now

Crazy winds, lots of rain, another day without school. But my home is intact, my children are peacefully sleeping, and I am working diligently on my report for work. We did lose power for about an hour last night. So far, we are fine. However, the people who live in Southern Brevard county (about an hour south of here) are not doing as well. One area received over 25 inches of rain in ONE DAY. Massive flooding, alligators in the streets, and looters are problems. As I am praying for them, and my three friends who live in Brevard (Angie, Gabby and Michelle) I hope you'll be praying for them as well.


Miriam said...

oh you look so happy!! You look great in red too, by the way!

Sarah R said...

There's a reason it's my favorite color, Mir!