Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay pt 2

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So this storm, which is doing basically nothing in my neck of the woods, is still going. Is it raining? Check. If you call this mild drizzle rain, sure. Is it windy? Hmmm, I'd call it a breeze. I opened my windows to let some fresh air in, since I've had the air conditioner on since April, non-stop. My kids missed two days of school for a glorified thunderstorm. Love it.
In somewhat odd news, I have discovered through the work grapevine, that a few positions in my department might be eliminated due to budget cuts. At first, it struck fear into my heart. Then I thought, hmmmm, maybe I can angle this to get part time. I know in this day and age, to not want to work seems crazy, but dang, my home could use some extra attention. And I wonder how much money I'd save if I was gardening in my backyard, taking the time to cook real food, coupon, and create.
I wonder...

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