Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Sun Peeking Out of the Clouds

Well, I guess I've had a few days to calm down. I drove out to the truck yard to see the Jeep. I cannot imagine how it couldn't be totaled. The roof is crushed in, the windows are blown out, and the hatchback part is snapped in half. On, our Jeep is only worth about $2000, and the damage is way over $2000 in my eyes, so it will be totaled. So now we have to find another vehicle. Mr. R is dying for a pickup truck. In truth, this would make sense for our family. We do lots of kayaking, camping, fishing, hunting, bicycling, and we're always needing someone with a truck to help us or we have to bring two vehicles with us. So we are on the lookout for an extended cab or quad cab pickup for about $4000. We're actually having pretty good luck finding stuff on because lots of people are selling their trucks because of the ridiculous fuel prices. Since Mr. R rarely drives his vehicle, it's not as much a consideration for us. I mean, we don't want a V10 or anything. My car will end up being the family vehicle, and then our "new" truck will end up being what we use when we need to haul stuff, or for Mr. R to drive to work.
Also, I have mostly caught up on schoolwork. My sister was gracious enough to drive to my house after school to help me with my PowerPoint presentation. It was simple, but I got frustrated and gave up fast. Once Kelly sat me down and showed me how to do it, I flew right though, and now I feel pretty confident. I don't think I'll be getting an A in the class, but I'd be satisfied with a B, especially with what I've gone through lately.
We are still grieving the loss of Hemi. We are going to get a little gravestone placard for him. We do have the other cats to care for, and in a way that helps.

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