Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Forgot to Tell You Guys!!

Two posts in one day. Shocking! But, I forgot to mention a few things.
First of all, SARAH THE NERD HAS RETURNED. It's like a movie title, right? First class after being out of college for fourteen years, and I've got a 93. Which is an A, in case you were not aware. And when Sarah gets A's, Sarah's job pays! You heard me! My job only pays 100% if I get an A. If I get a B, it's 85%, a C is worth 75% to them, and anything less, you get to pay for that yourself.
I wonder how much algebra is going to cost me? Hmmmm.
Second, an answer to the desk prayer. Yes, I was praying over that desk and Mr. R and I decided it would be a good use of money to buy a new desk. So in addition to the loans I took out to cover my tuition (and remember, if I get A's the hospital pays, so there is not much risk to me except that my credit is going to look fantastic) we decided to take out extra to cover the desk. I mentioned that few posts back. I sit at my desk now for about 12 hrs a day, and the one I have now is falling apart.
So a lady in my Sunday school group asked me how college was going. I mentioned it was great, but the only issue I had was Bucket not liking to share me when I'm doing homework. All these people know him and so a good deal of chuckling was going on over it. Not a mean laugh, but just them all visualizing me trying to type with a 65 pound boy on my lap. It is funny. So I mentioned that fact that I had obtained an extra loan to pay for a new desk. My friend gasped and said, "Why did you do that?! I have an extra corner unit desk I'm not using! We were going to throw it away!" So, tomorrow, I need to call her and see if Mr. R and I can come over and measure the desk to see if it will fit. If it physically fits our space, and if it matches our decor (Mr. R insists that it not clash, we are working so hard to have a nice home and he has issues with clashing wood tones. No I'm not kidding) then I've got a new desk! So I told Mr. R, we're going to have an extra $1400 laying around. I was thinking about the reversal again, but he said he would rather I buy a laptop so I can do my schoolwork.
Oh...that's another thing. Mr. R says no reversal until I lose at least 50 pounds. Understandably so, don't you think? Can you imagine if I got pregnant now, I'd end up going over 300. That is SCARY. I usually gain between 40 and 60 pounds per pregnancy, and generally don't lose it. He is so concerned about my health, and rightfully so. I've got a good man who loves me.
I seriously can't think of anything else to report. Except that I should get to bed, because I have to work tomorrow. I just came off a 4 day weekend, so I'm not expecting it to be an easy day. Plus next week is the week before Memorial Day, and that is generally busy surgery times. A lot of people will schedule surgery before a holiday so they can recuperate over a long weekend. I expect Wednesday and Thursday to be high numbers. Which means I need my sleep, so goodnight. Have a great week and please comment! Only Julia and Miriam comment, I'm hoping you two are not my only readers!


Julia said...

Congrats on the 93! I really hope the desk works for you. $1400 is a lot of money. :)

Sarah R said...

You're right, but I wanted a desk that lasts since I work full time from home, plus go to college, plus three kids using it for games and homework.
I hope this freebie works out!

Miriam said...

hmm, if the desk is the wrong wood tone, can you stain it? that would cost less than a new one. Oh and... NERD!!!

Sarah R said...

Did you just call me a nerd?!?! suits me. You're so right.

D'Rae said...

my hubby is the same way about wood tones! Drives me nuts!