Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Did Enroll in School

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I haven't talked about this in a while, because I was so back-and-forth for a while there. But not only did I start the paperwork, I even had my transcripts faxed to Herzing. Now I need to do the actual application fee, and get started on my scholarship essays. The hospital I work at has a fantastic deal. They will pay $5250 a year for my college. That is a huge weight off my shoulders, so to speak. That is why I decided to go for it. I already have a year of college under my belt, and so it should take me about a year to get my A.S in coding, and then I can decide if I want to go for the bachelors. One step at a time of course.
I can't think of anything else particularly interesting to report right now. Mr. R is on his way home from a delivery in Tampa this morning, and the kids are on spring break, therefore bugging me all day. Still getting my FH work done, and I'm getting the kids to do their daily chores so we can go to the Seminole County Fair tonight. I'm very excited about it! I don't do rides due to the car accident messing up my shoulder, but I will be taking pictures and just enjoying my family being together.
On another thought, if anyone reading this is of the praying type, please keep Mr. R in your prayers. Diesel is past $4 per gallon, and we are losing money quickly. He is on vacation in two weeks, and he intends to look for a local driving job while he's here. We really want him to be home on a regular basis, something we can plan on and look forward to. The boys especially miss their daddy a lot.


Miriam said...

Hey Mrs. R, I was in Ohio this past weekend and they're still rising. You're in my thoughts...

Sarah R said...

What in the world were you doing in Ohio, sweetie?