Friday, March 28, 2008

He'll Be Here Tomorrow Night!

Dang, I guess I'd better shave. Hahahaha.
It must seem like my posts revolve around Mr. R coming home. Well, thats how my life seems to work out. Yes, we do well when he's gone. I've got this house under control for the most part. But Daddy coming home is a big deal! We use real dishes instead of paper, make sweet tea, and eat real food instead of microwaved stuff. Sometimes I even sweep! ;)
There is something about that husband of mine that brings out the best in me. On the day he comes home, I'll wear my nicest pair of pants or skirt, a flattering (read, busty but not pornographic) top, wear make-up and possibly some earrings, and actually do something with my hair besides throw it in a bun. Sometimes I'll even get a mani-pedi. Like I said, he thinks I have cute feet! I'm trying to figure out what to make him for dinner Sunday night. How does chicken in the crockpot sound to ya'll? With some green beans, sweet tea, fresh baked bread, and maybe a peach cobbler for dessert?
I make chicken all the time though. I'll have to go through my cookbooks and maybe find something new.
Mr. R just loves coming home to a clean house. Now, we do have three children, so its not clean 24/7. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you people about how perfect my house is, cuz I'd be lying! No, I have enough paperwork in piles to choke a horse, my photos are taking up one end of the dining room table, and there are always dishes. I am caught up on laundry though, can I get an amen? He loves burning candles, a clean kitchen (I really try) a freshly made bed, a homecooked meal, and I keep talking about that sweet tea, don't I!
I make pretty good sweet tea for a Yankee girl. Even my MIL says its good, and I don't think she'd lie to me.
Then the kids will go to bed, and we will clean up the kitchen together. We'll chat about the kids, or his truck, or the election coming up. And finally, we get to go to bed together.
Ok, I am not the lying type, and I will admit, I miss my husband for the OBVIOUS reasons that a woman in her mid 30s would miss a man. Ahem. But after all that stuff is out of the way, I miss him for so much more. I love how he checks the kids in their rooms after they fall sleep. How he wiggles the doors and windows to make sure they're all locked. How he'll come to bed and hold me in his arms and play with my hair (loooooove when he plays with my hair!) It is that familiarity, that closeness we share. I miss that the most when he's gone, that time at night when no one exists but the two of us in our bed, watching SNL or Fox News or CNN, I'm on the right and he's on the left. I have my head nestled in the crook of his armpit, and his hand is either stroking my hair or my back. My arm is draped around his stomach and we just *exist* together. I just drift to sleep while some political pundit is screaming about something. It seems like something silly to dwell upon, but I love every second we are with each other. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

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