Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy In Blue

My wonderful.  While we haven't caught up financially yet from my 6 months of unemployment, that impending sense of doom I felt is gone.  And with that, I went thrift shopping with my daughter, and got this cute dress for $6.

The brand name is Evan Piccone, which I'd never heard of before, but it has everything I like in a dress.  Elbow length sleeves, just below the knee length, a wrap top and a ruched mid -section.  Check, check, check, check.  The gorgeous saturated color was a win too.  It's a deep sapphire but with a bit of a purple tint.  I wore it with my new summer sandals from Ross.  I got them for $23.99 and they're called "Bare Traps."
The happiness, however, comes from being satisfied and secure in my new job.  Plus a good looking husband saying VERY suggestive things to me while taking my photos, which is why I'm laughing here.

My new boss is already allowing me to do some coding, too.  Oncology coding is a lot different than surgical coding, so I'm making mistakes.  But she is so gracious and using my mistakes as a teaching tool.  I literally beam when I walk in the door at my new job.  I didn't even realize how my old job was making me feel; useless, used, down, sad.  This new job has me feeling uplifted and happy.  My skills are being used, but I don't feel beat up when I clock out.

Plus, I am loving my train rides to and from work.  Unlike my husband, I do NOT travel well.  I like my schedule, my house, my own bathroom.  I know some people love a long drive, and I'm not really one of those people.  The drive from my house to the station is 20 minutes, and frankly, that's enough for me.  Then it's still a 43 minute train ride.  I have been trying to use the time to catch up on reading but it turns out that I get a bit queasy reading on the train.  I have to keep looking up and out the window or I get car sick.  So mostly, I stare out the window, pray, and mentally prepare myself for a busy day.  It sure beats being stuck on the interstate.

Just a beautiful dusky evening in Central Florida in March.  Can you believe we had to mow the grass already?

The most part, my sickness is gone (except for this horrible cough which still plagues me) and my miscarriage is over.  Unfortunately, two weeks after my miscarriage ended, I got my first cycle.  I am broken out so bad right now, it might be one of the worst episodes I've had since my teens.  It's so bad, I didn't even take Sunday pictures today and I went to church with no makeup, trying to give the pimples a day without makeup to heal.  It was NOT PRETTY.

As far as working outside the home, my kids are doing well.  Missy might become a kitchen manager at her job.  She's only 19, and that makes me proud.  She's a good hard worker.  Tiger has taken over the housework and cooking, and so far, I would give him a D+ on that.  Because I got up this morning and did two loads of dishes.  He's not going to make a good house husband.  Sorry, future Mrs. Tiger.  Bucket was my main concern, and I have to say I have been super proud of him, too.  He's keeping up on his grades in school and we've had no behavior issues since I started this new job.  In fact, he's taking a senior level course right now (he's supposed to be a junior, is technically a sophomore, but should be a senior once he takes two summer classes online) and is earning himself a new video games for Spring Break.  Their Spring Break starts this upcoming Friday, and I finally don't have to work in the house during their frivolity.  I intend to leave them money to do things on the day their sister is home to drive them around (movies, swimming at either the springs or the beach) and hope to have an arcade day at Daytona with them at least once.

Anyway, now we've caught up.  I hope you'll log into the comments to tell me how you're doing, too.

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Jill said...

Hi, been meaning to comment but Google kept rejecting my password! You look beautiful in that dress--- I think that brand is from higher end department stores? I used to have a pair of bare trap sandles and they were super comfy. So glad your job is going well, you deserve all the peace and happiness you can find!