Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sarah = Madam Grouchypants

I haven't posted because, frankly, I've been in a bad mood and didn't feel like it.  I'm not taking pictures either.

This week, however, has seemed to be shining a bit more in my favor.

For one, I was hired by a temp agency to work for a local specialty pharmacy doing...OF COURSE...authorizations.  I reluctantly accepted, even though 1) it is a nearly 90 minute commute ONE WAY and 2) it doesn't start until December 1 so that means no income for another five weeks.  Ouch.  And 3) While I do like the shift, 10am to 7pm, it's a two month assignment which means I'd be out of work again come January 31st.

So I kept looking, even though I have a sure job right now.

I took the advice of my bestie and tried looking for jobs on LinkedIn.  JACKPOT.

Last Sunday after church, I sat down with a cup of coffee and applied to almost 40 jobs.  And on phone started ringing OFF. THE. HOOK.

Yesterday, I signed paperwork on the pharmacy job, and did 4 telephone interviews.
Today, my kids are home from school so all I'm doing is cleaning and fielding more phone calls.  I have an interview today at 2:30 with a company that I am really excited about, as I contacted them constantly at my old job and I know they're top notch.  I am hoping this is the one I get.  While it's not coding, this company has tons of coding positions (I saw them, applied to them, was denied due to lack of coding experience) and I hope that I can eventually maneuver into coding by taking this entry level position.  Plus, it's a health insurance company which means my family would have health insurance again!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I have another phone interview scheduled at 2pm, plus another coding exam to take for the at home coding position from Texas (and this is the last one I'm doing.  4 exams in and I have no work and I feel like it's a huge waste of my time.)

Thursday, I have two face to face interviews, plus my very first in person Jamberry party.

Nothing planned for Friday yet, except maybe to collapse from all the craziness from this week!

My husband is back at work after taking two weeks off for his back to heal up.  I have a feeling next year will be his last year being a driver.  I took charge (not at all like me) and straight up asked his dispatcher if they'd be willing to train my husband to be dispatch.  Let me just say, I happen to love my husband's dispatcher.  Her name is Julie and my husband calls her "the other wife."  Lots of truckers are not very nice to their dispatchers, but my husband is not one of those guys.  So she gives him the best runs and gets him home for the kids birthdays and whenever he wants.  So Julie was delighted when I asked her if she'd be willing to train him to be a dispatcher.  They want to keep him around so I think after plant season in 2015, which is from February to June, he might be retiring from trucking and moving into dispatch.  But only if I have a good job.  So we'll see.

That's all I have to say for right now.  My hair is icky when it grows out and I am not taking pajama pictures.  Hopefully I'll be back at my usual pace next weekend.


Jill said...

Good luck on all those interviews!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Sorry to hear it has been a rough go lately. God has something special for you and at just the right time you will get it. Keep trusting Him!
God bless~ Lisa :O)