Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well, That Was Unexpected

No fluffy or frilly words.  I lost my job today.  I was told on Thursday afternoon that it was coming.  Then I was placed on administrative leave while HR reviewed my case, and I was fired this morning.  Stunned is a good word.  In 13 1/2 years, I didn't have a single write-up.  I've already returned my work computer, monitor, keyboard, and badge.  Then I walked out of the building before they called security to escort me out.  

It's only been one day, but being unemployed is weird.  I've never been unemployed before!  I did take time off when my children were born in the 90s, but I've worked steadily since 1998, when I was 23.  Before that, I did a lot of part time waitressing.  I applied for unemployment benefits today (which is now called reemployment benefits...nice try, State of Florida.)  I keep walking over to my empty desk to do stuff, and there's nothing to do (besides cleaning the filthy thing.)

I might go "Office Space" on my headset system.  It's broken anyway, so it's not like I can sell it for a few bucks.  But my phone still works fine.  I'm shutting off the phone line this week, too.  I had to maintain a separate line for the hospital.  No point in paying for it now.

Here I am, driving in so that they can fire me in person.

Leave it to me to have a really good hair day when I'm being fired.  Even the HR lady told me how nice I looked today.  What in the world do you say to that?  Gee, thanks.  I always try to look nice when I throw 13 years of service into the trash.

You know what one of the worst parts of this was?  HR interviewed my assistant manager and manager and both of them said I was one of the most valuable employees they had.  You'd think that would swing in my favor.  But no, they fired me, and then told me (I'm getting mad even typing this) that because I was such an "exemplary employee" that I was encouraged to reapply and be rehired in a year, as soon as I got more medical office experience.  WHAT?!!?! 

While I was there on the campus, I went to the credit union and cashed out my Christmas fund, which didn't have much in it, and used that money to pay for the coding exam.  I'm scheduled for September 27th, which gives me a month to study.  And I will.

My husband...oh my goodness,he has been THE BEST.  He has completely held it together.  He's going to stay on the road until late September to keep up on bills while my unemployment (errr, reemployment!) is being processed.  Praying that I pass this exam in September, find out in October, and working by November!

I also feel like I don't want to work from home anymore.  I feel like I'm ready to wear nice clothes, drive to work, talk to people.  It was wonderful while it lasted, and I will always be grateful that I was allowed to work from home when my children were small and needed me at home.  But they're not babies anymore, and it's ok to leave the house now!

What I wore to church on Sunday.  Target, under $15, a size XL in straight sizes.  Now that I see the picture, I feel like I need shapewear.  But how cute is it?  It's also the only pink item I own. Of course, I won't be buying new clothes any time soon, except maybe a suit for job interviews.

I also won't have the money to keep up this pixie.  So I guess I'm going back to long hair.  I just can't spend money on haircuts and stuff when I'm not working.  That's ridiculous.
So anyway, if you will please keep my family in your prayers as we work this whole situation out.  I'm not as concerned about cash flow as I am being without health insurance.  My son was supposed to have another surgery consult and clearly, we're not now.  I just don't want my kids to be hurting or in pain because I lost our health insurance over the dumbest issue ever.


Jill said...

Omg. Their loss. Sounds like a terrible place to work. Prayers your way!!

Sarah R said...

It is definitely their loss, because I am already fielding phone calls about jobs! The medical industry is a good one to be in.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your job. I've had it happen twice & both times (although didn't feel like it at the time) it was a blessing. In the end, I actually got better jobs. Prayers your way!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Just now seeing this. So sorry to hear this has happened but I truly believe that if one door is shut - God will open a better door for you. You and your family will be in my prayers. God bless~ Lisa :O)

Sarah R said...

I do feel like this is a blessing. I've been feeling "stuck" for a long time. This is surely the kick in the pants I needed!