Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why, Yes. I *Do* Like Purple. How Could You Tell?

Another awesome day at church, another cute outfit.  Today's outfit I only purchased yesterday at Goodwill for $6.99.  I imagine it could be a dress (as I wore it) or a skirt since the top part is that stretchy material.  A great basic pieces that I will wear all summer.  I do love me some purple!

Goodwill dress/skirt thingy, $6.99.  Merona shrug, size idea when I got it or how old it is.  I was digging through old clothes and found it yesterday.  And my Aerosoles flip flops.

I tried hot rollers today for the first time.  It didn't go over very well.  I bought one set of ten rollers.  I watched quite a few tutorials on youtube over the weekend, and I learned something very important about myself.  Whatever a website says to do once, I really need to do twice.  My hair is insanely thick.  I have been treating my hair like a white girl (because, duh, I am white) but as a woman of Jewish descent, I should be treating it more...well, ethnically, I guess.  So I'm going to buy another set of rollers because I only got half of my head done with the one set, which is why I look kind of lopsided here.

By the way...I am now down TWENTY TWO POUNDS.  Yeah, you heard me.  Twenty two pounds!  I took pictures of some of my dresses over the weekend and have them for sale on craigslist.  That's 13 dresses for sale.  My side of the closet looks very empty these days.

I am feeling great, exercising, eating well, and I'm about to add Kettleworx to my routine.  Yes!  What this girl needs is some muscle definition and less couch potato practice.  


Jill said...

Way to go! Your backside definitely looks smaller. (Not that I stare at your backside in your pictures, :)

Sarah R said...

This will be forever known as my favorite comment EVER!!! I laughed pretty hard over it...thank you so much!

Cheriz Angel said...

Awe purple, my fave!