Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Surgery

My poor son Tiger is having more surgery Monday.  Again, the surgical scar was reopened and I am taking him to a new surgeon.  I am praying that this will be the final surgery for my poor boy, and ever so glad that while this is expensive as all get out, at least I have insurance.  I know many people don't.

My bestie gave me these earrings.  She's allergic and luckily, I am not.  Win for Sarah!

This sun is so bright I can hardly keep my eyes open.  But see, I did a great job on my eyebrows.

I took tomorrow off work to take Tiger to have his surgery done.  It's an outpatient procedure, and we should be home by dinner.  My mom is being really nice about it and is bringing Missy and Bucket dinner so I don't have to make dinner when I get home from the hospital.

Well, I told him to take a full length photo, and all I got was my butt.  I guess he is more like his dad than I thought...

Poe is not thrilled about being left out.  You should have heard her howling when we took these pictures!

Low carb update:  1 month in, about a 15 lb loss.  I think it would have been better but I finally got the period of all period; I'm on day 12 or 13 and still going.  It had been five months since I had a period, so I was not surprised by how bad it was.  I even saw a small fetal remnant, what appeared to be either a tiny hand or foot.  So incredibly heartbreaking.  Again, we intend to try one more time, although as time goes on, I am so nervous about this.  I consider myself a strong lady, but between the drama with my daughter, my health, my boys, my job, I don't know if there is going to a straw which breaks my back.  This seems to be a house of sorrow lately.  I don't want it to be like this forever!

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Jill said...

Good luck Tiger. I love the close- ups with your photos!