Saturday, September 22, 2012

Routines Are Great, But Let's Try New Things!

If any of you are my friends on facebook, you'll know I had an issue lately with the meat I purchased at Winn-Dixie going bad weeks before the expiration date stamped on the item.  Because I had lost my receipt (I don't keep them, it's just clutter) I couldn't get a refund.  I decided that despite my love of their Fuel Perks program, that I was done with them.  And while I am a huge Publix fan, I am *meh* on their meat selections.  Overpriced and not great quality, in my opinion.  So what is a girl to do?

A friend of mine recommended Brecht's Meats, a butcher located in the neighboring town of Lake Helen.  Lake Helen is one of the most beautiful places in Central Florida, my opinion.  In fact, as much as I like my house, had I known Lake  Helen existed before I purchased my home, I'd be living there instead of  Deltona.  It's old fashioned, quaint, quiet, peaceful.  Love it.

This is the town hall in Lake Helen.  The town was incorporated in 1888!

It doesn't look like much, but inside was all sorts of awesome!

Unfortunately, I got there so late on Saturday that they were completely out of chicken.  I bought 5lbs of ground chuck, pre-made rack of pork spareribs, and 3 lbs of stew meat for $42.  It doesn't come wrapped in cellophane, it is wrapped in butcher paper.  It was so fresh that by the time I got home (about a 20 minute driver) I was glad I had thrown the meat into a plastic bag because everything was quite bloody.  They are closed tomorrow, so I will have to go back sometime during the week to get more meat.  I had planned to spend about $120.  Here's the funny thing: as you all know, I was born and raised in Queens, a borough of NYC, so I am a city girl born and raised.  Being out in the country is still new to me.  I thought when we moved to Deltona from Orlando that I was going to hear dueling banjos, but it turns out I really just live in the 'burbs.  But Lake Helen?  It's pure country charm.  So I nearly died laughing when I saw a hand written sign on the door: "$50 to process your kill."  Wha???  I had to call Mr. R to ask him what in the world that meant.  Turns out, hunters can bring their game to this butcher, who will process the meat for $50.  So if you shoot a big deer, you don't have to skin it and butcher it yourself.  Hey, I didn't know that.  I don't hunt.  But wow!  They also sold more than just your basic chicken and pork chops.  They had venison, buffalo, and wild boar.  Mr. R is thrilled that I found this place, and intends, when he comes home, to go there and fill up our deep freezer.  Anyway, Winn Dixie, you are OUT, and Brecht's is IN.

In other new things, both boys are all of a sudden huge bicycle fans.  On Saturdays after they eat breakfast, they take off for the entire day with their friends, just toodling around town.  Between them being out, and Missy working at Burger King, I am alone a lot.  It is oddly quiet around here.  I am trying to enjoy it. 


Cheriz Angel said...

Congrats on your first butcher shop excursion, lol. Butcher shop meat is always far superior to regular store bought stuff, and almost all butcher shops process hunted meat (my dad was always an avid hunter when I was growing up and some times would be lazy rather than doing it himself). The butcher shops out here sell alligator, I would think they would there too with alligators being native there, if you haven't tried it I would highly recommend giving it a go if you ever see it in the shop.

Sarah R said...

Gator is pretty common here, I've had it before. I've always heard people say it "tastes like chicken" but I disagree. I find it chewy and I don't particularly care for it. But my husband and oldest son love it. I don't remember if they sold gator...I was kind of in awe and need to go back to find out!

Living the Creative Life said...

Ha! I didn't realize you were originally from New York! I would love to visit and/or live there someday. Do you miss it?