Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Put Shoes On, And I Go Outside!

One of my coworkers is moving back to her home state of Pennsylvania and so we had a goodbye party at the Chili's in Altamonte Springs for her.  I brought my camera, then had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures.  I'm goofy like that.  There was only decent shot of my outfit, and I'm standing in front of the TV so that way poor Tiger wouldn't actually have to GET UP and take a picture.

Navy blue Avenue cardigan, bought in 2011.  Kiyonna sequin tank top, bought in 2011.  Svoboda jeans bought in 2009.  Target flats...2009?  Screamo video behind me; courtesy of teenage son.

Bucket was not happy that I left.  He sniffed "Mama, where you going?"  And I said, "Out with my friends."  He looked utterly confused and said, "Who are they?"  Yeah, I don't get out much.  Thanks for reinforcing my agoraphobia, kiddo.  When I arrived, I heard screams:  "Sarah's wearing PANTS!"  Who knew I was so famous for my dresses and skirts?  I had to laugh.  It's better than being famous for your bad breath or for being on Hoarders.  Speaking of, does anyone watch that show?  I love it, and I'm not a TV person.  Whenever I'm done watching it, I get up and clean something.  You too?

Horrifying pimples finally going away.  I tried to put makeup on them, it really doesn't help.  But hey, look!  Nice hair day?  Have I finally turned the page on this awful hair?  Has it grown out enough to finally have a bit of weight, so it's not a huge poofy mushroom head? 


Taylor said...

Love that sequin tank! I only own one top with sequins and that was a recent purchase. Oh - and I totally watch Hoarders. It has desensitized me in the worst way. Whenever the black screen comes up and says "The crew makes a disturbing discovery" I yell "DEAD CAT! IT'S A DEAD CAT AGAIN!" That is not normal.

Sarah R said...

This is my first one too, and the last time I wore it, I was on vacation in Tampa, which was last July! What is wrong with me! It's so fun and sparkly. And when I was in the car, it was like my own little disco ball!
LOL @ dead cats...what's up with all these hoarders and cats? I have cats but goodNESS I get mad when someone coughs up a hairball. I also like CLEAN.

Kelly said... you are gorgeous! Do Not Cut That Hair! Love your outfit, too. I thought the same thing about you wearing pants lol.

Hoarders...I've watched it makes my Type A skin crawl.....Although it does make me feel better when I've been slackin'.

Sarah R said...

Ok, ok, I won't cut my hair! Well, maybe just some layers? I have to admit, it's finally looking better. I just have no patience with icky hair.
And thank you...I have not been feeling gorgeous lately. What I will call the Horrifying Outbreak '12 really bugged me. It is not right for a 36 year old woman to have not one, not two, but SEVEN enormous white head zits on her chin. Then you pop them and that nasty clear fluid seeps out and dries on your skin...ugh! I know, I shouldn't pop, but I swear I could see them with my peripheral vision and it bothered me so much. I'm healing now, although I may actually pick up some mederma to get rid of the scars.