Sunday, February 12, 2012

Leopard Print At Church?

I say SURE, WHY NOT?!?!  After all, it is He who created the leopard, and I was still modestly dressed.  I bought this Merona 2x dress of eBay about two months ago, and have been hesitant to wear it.  Mostly because it is a bit big on me, and I don't own a belt to cinch in my waist.  I actually bought it thinking of future maternity wear, but I thought maybe the wrap shirt on top of the dress (pretty much the same look from last week's "Full Length Mirror") would work.  And it did.  Somebody stop me!

I need a better spot to do pictures in my house.  The sunlight is lovely but the glare is intense.  Oh, the clothes!  Black wrap top: Coldwater Creek, size 2x and a bit big on me.  Dress, Merona, size 2x.  Again, too big for me.  Shoes are "Trotters"  I've had them for at least 5 years but the sole is wooden and not all that comfortable.  Plus it demands a fresh pedicure since the entire shoe is open.  Oh wait, my photographer has managed to lop off my feet in this shot.  Teenage sons = not good photographers.

Black + leopard print = still church appropriate!

Not trying to show you the lint.  I am trying to show the dress under the black wrap; it's the same neckline, and it looked lovely with my Goodwill black bead necklace!

It was 33 outside this morning!  Still wearing bare feet and no jacket.  I am so warm blooded.  In fact, when we shook hands at church, the little old ladies all came to me because my hands were so warm.  I find that amusing.

So I am excited about the fact that Torrid is opening up to a mall near me!  I received an email from Torrid stating that they will have a location in Altamonte Springs, which is about 20 miles south of me.  I'm very excited; I am hoping to stock up on accessories such as belts.  Torrid is a bit young for me; it is more geared toward the teenage plus size crowd, but a belt is a belt.  Avenue is great but I never see accessories there except jewelry.  I don't understand that at all.

Squinting again. 

Finally in the shade so I can see, but now you get to see my banged up garage door and my neighbor's garbage cans behind me.

Ah, there's my feet.  Trotters shoes, at least 5 years old.  Gold sparkle pedicure which was a huge pain in the butt because the sparkles kept flaking off.  Horizontal scar on left leg, massive shaving incident several years ago.

This hair?  It's RIDICULOUS.  And this is after I "did" my hair.  I've had enough!  Here is what I'm thinking about doing to my hair.  Will you guys tell me which one you like?

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Choice 3:

I realize they are all quite similar; what do you think?  Or should I just let my hair grow out, like Mr. R wants, and live with the craziness for another 3-6 months until it is longer and easier to manage?


Jill said...

Ooh...I like 1 and 2...and love the glasses!

Jennifer M. said...

I can't believe it was colder in Florida today than in Oregon!! Lol. Love that dress, btw. I think God would understand. ;P

I like hair style #1. I've been thinking about chopping my locks recently too, but we'll see if that happens. I'm a little poor these days, what with being a student again and everything. ;P

I see you got your camera back! I haven't been over here to your blog very recently, so maybe you've had it back for awhile. It's good to see your smiling face again! :)

Sarah R said...

Jill: I like all of them, this is why it's so hard to choose. And those are my every day glasses; should really get another pair, but I do love them! It's nice being able to see.
Jen: Yes, have had the camera back for about a week. I didn't post all week because I had overtime opportunity and took it. And now that I have my camera, I keep taking pics and HATING my hair. Mr. R wants me to grow it, and considering what he just went through for me, I feel bad about wanting to lop it off. But it looks terrible!

D'Rae said...

I really like that outfit! It's super cute! I also really like number hairstyle number 1!