Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Can't Believe I'm Wearing This

My hard drive crashed on my work computer.  So in to work I drove today, making fairly good time (48 minutes) and finding a very far away parking spot.  I wasn't actually sure at first what was wrong with my computer, so I figured I better show up wearing my work shirt.

Our company decided to buy polos for the team.  Super nice of them, really.  Very high quality shirt.  But it had to be a man who decided that our 80% female team would need polos.  Even my manager smirked when she mentioned the word "polo" to me.  She knows how I feel about "man shirts."  I, Sarah, am a woman.  I have breasts, and a rounded tummy, and rounded shoulders.  I wear a real bra.  I do NOT belong in a man's shirt, which is a polo.  BUT!  It was free, and I could choose any color I wanted.  I decided to get lime green.  I want to like it.  But...but...

I look ridiculous.  See?

The lettering on the polo is navy, so I wore my navy dress with it.  And my black flowered shoes, because they had lime in it.  In theory, I can see how this might work.  But it didn't work on me.  I was uncomfortable all day.  The arms were tight on my fat and I felt like the shirt accentuated the fact that I have a pooch.

I tried to wear jeans, but the top wasn't long enough to cover my crack, and well...I can't show my crack at work.  Plus, my photographer?  FIRED.  Bucket was barely looking at me when he snapped this.  You wouldn't believe how much other junk I had to crop out of this shot.

It was a very long day at work.  One, I commuted, so lost two hours of my day.  Two, I skipped lunch to catch up on all my work.  Three, despite skipping lunch, I was unable to catch up.  Four, by the end of the day, I was crying in my manager's office.  Classy.

Hair:  twisted into the weirdest knot ever.  Grays are coming back in at the temples.  Desperately want to cut hair, Mr. R is begging me not to do it. 

Still rocking the gold sparkle pedi (it chipped, but I filled it back in) and my Target flats.  My dress is actually knee length, it's just a weird angle.

But tomorrow is going to be better.  Know why?  1) I'm working from home.  2) We get a bonus check tomorrow!  3) We have overtime this week.  So hopefully, I can catch up.

So yes.   Thank you, workplace, for the lovely lime green polo.  I will keep it, and probably only wear it on days when important people show up at the office.  I will stick with what I know and love; feminine dresses, peeptoe shoes, cardigans, drop earrings, and waist minimizing wrap tops and dresses.  I did not feel like ME today, and I think it shows. 

Ugh.  Where's my pajamas?!?!


vicha as_shofa Lc said...

ndutt ammet koh neng?????????

Taylor said...

Well your shoes are cute at least! :) Man, at my last company they gave out polos too. (Mostly men in Ops, of course.) I like you, hate a polo. I used to wear them but then at some point grew to despise them. I don't own one at this point - all the company-branded ones got sent to Goodwill! Hope you have a better day tomorrow, yay for bonus checks!

Sarah R said...

I love those shoes! Merona cheapie flats are so cute!