Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude Day 4

I haven't run out of ideas yet!  Today, I'm grateful for technology.  I know what you're probably thinking...whaaaa???  Yes!  I can't even imagine how truckers wives ran their lives before cell phones.  My hubby and I speak with each other sometimes 10 times a day!  I think I talk to him more when he's in his truck than when he is home!  Not only that, but today he called me, lost.  He doesn't have a GPS in his truck (truck GPS's are around $1000) so he called me and I google mapped him out of his abyss.  Ahhh, the knowledge is right at your fingertips!  Because TRUST ME, you don't want me to find anything with a regular map.  You're better off wandering around in a circle than using me as a navigator!

Wanna see what I did last week?

This is what I wore to a department meeting.  Those are two earrings holding my top together.  And I'm ticked because I lost one! 

I glared at the papparazzi...

I went carb crazy at the bake sale...

I managed to avoid these delectable goodies...

But I ate the entire jar of large salsa.  By myself.  In one day.  I'm not even ashamed.

I made these delicious (and way too sweet) raspberry sandwich cookies...

And I made these amazing orange marmalade cookies, too!

I did eat some caramel and mocha fudge.  Sigh.  It was good.

And I got to babysit Miss Olivia!

My arms need a baby in them!

And I did a whole lot of this.  Have you?

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