Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Already? Also: My New Hair

I've seen the question asked all over facebook...where were you ten years ago on September 11 at 8:46am?  I was at the hospital, working, when I heard a girl crying in the hallway.  Since I didn't have much patient contact, I knew it was a coworker.  I got up to see if she was ok, and instead found her, and my other coworkers, glued to the TV, watching the carnage.  At least half of us were native New Yorkers (you'll find most people who live in Florida seem to be from up north.)  We all held on to each other and stared.  We cried.  We prayed.  We were angry.  I'm not sure any of that has changed.  I still cry when I see the footage, and still get mad when I think about how anyone...and I don't care who it was....would kill innocent people.

Surprisingly, didn't cry during the service today.  It was tasteful and made me think about the past, but not to the point where I was choking.  I cried so many tears over 9/11.  I couldn't walk away from the TV for weeks.  Thinking about 9/11 makes me sad, but makes me proud to be an American. 

On to other things?

I got a hair cut nine days ago.  Normally I'd have taken a picture, but I had the most awful pimple on my chin last week.  In fact, you can still see it, but it is now at the lovely crusty stage.  Plus I was having a good hair day today and another new dress to present.  So pictures had to be taken!

This WAS a maxi dress.  A maxi dress intended for someone about four inches taller than me.  But for $6.88, who cares?  I bought two...this gorgeous royal blue color, and a great amethyst purple.  The purple one, I am thinking about turning that into two separate pieces, a nice top and a long skirt.  Tank top, Target.  Pewter Shoes, Avenue.  Silver earrings, Goodwill.  Silver cross, present from my Mommy.

Bucket is not the best photographer, but Missy spent the night with a friend, and Tiger was in the bathroom.

Despite the smeary glass, I like this shot!

Dear Lord, thank you for large beautiful blue eyes which can still see clearly for the most part. 

Need a new pedi.  It's a sweet darker red color.  Me and my red, lol.

I took this picture myself, and was pleased at how it came out. 

Shorter hair, but not shaved or pixie close.  I can still put it in a very small ponytail.  Honestly, I think I would have liked it shorter, but Mr. R really likes the extra length. 

Happy smile because I have happy hair and a pretty blue dress to wear!

The hair cut is great.  I think what made the difference is that I did a treatment where they put this stuff in my hair and it's supposed to be a cheaper version of Keratin.  It smooths you out for 30 shampoos.  Plus she cut layers into my hair, which gives my hair a bit of curl and wave.  I just love the way it looks.  Plus the side bangs are long enough to pull to the side with a barrette.  I also bought a leave in conditioner which is making such a difference.  I love my hair; it's thickness, it's texture, but in this humidity it gets wild.  I love it so much more now that it's a bit more controlled.

What is your favorite scent?  Despite not being a fan of the Black Eyed Peas or Fergie, I'm totally loving this scent which is available through Avon!  Both Missy and I own it.  I even have the lotion for my very dry legs.  It's not super expensive either.  Do you stick with one fragrance, or do you use a few?  I'm new to the perfume thing.  My favorite scent for a long time was Heavenly by Victoria Secret, and I still love it.  I'm just now trying new scents.  What is your favorite?

He all of a sudden wears this tie everywhere.  A clip on tie stuck to a tee shirt.  I don't even know what to say.  But I had to take a picture.

I'm free.  Are you?

LOOK AT THIS.  Tiger's hand is bigger than mine!  What happened to my baby?!?

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Jennifer M. said...

Oh yes - I remember this day very well. I was in my last semester of college, and being that I live on the West Coast, it was about 6am and I was sleeping. My roommate woke me up and said, "Your dad is on the phone. He said we should turn on the tv." (This was back when we still had a landline).

My very sleepy brain was still trying to figure out why my dad was calling my roommate when we turned on the tv. It was so surreal to watch. The first tower had already been hit and they were showing it live as the second tower was hit awhile later. It was like watching an action thriller movie... only it was real. I felt total disbelief and almost like it was a dream - probably partially because I was still half asleep.

Anyway, that day at school, no one really did anything. We were all glued to tv's that had been rolled out into the hallways. I remember at work that afternoon that I pretty much stayed glued to the radio to hear if there were any news updates. (I worked in the campus library and no one really came in that day).

In other news... no, I don't really have one scent I use. I tend to use light fruit scents in my shampoo and body wash, but I don't ever wear cologne or anything. I used to use vanilla hand lotion a lot, but it seems like people either love or hate that scent and I was tired of hearing people's opinions about my hand lotion scent so I stopped wearing that! Lol.