Monday, September 5, 2011

I Am Laboring on Labor Day

And I am NOT happy about it.

Mr. R left for a trip to NC, and on Thursday, he went to his friends house.  This friend didn't tell us, until of course Mr. R got there, that he had a major flea infestation.  And guess who decided to travel home with Mr. R?  FLEAS.  So guess what I'm doing on my first flipping day off in two months?  WASHING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF LAUNDRY, SPRAYING MY HOUSE INTO OBLIVION, AND CURSING UNDER MY BREATH.

Also decided to clean out the area where Roscoe's crate used to live.  It was, to put it mildly, disgusting.  I know the dog had bladder issues...but he was apparently peeing in the back of the crate, where it was running out and settling on the wall.  I knew the crate stank, but I would mop it out without moving it (it's kind of heavy and bulky) so I had no idea that there was pee just sitting on the wall and ledge.  So now that the crate is outside, there was this line of yellow matted dog fur pasted on the wall.  And I got to scrape it off the wall, lucky me.  It smelled so bad I gagged as I was scraping.  I did get it all off, but the wall is stained.  I steam mopped it, dried it, then started spackling the areas which where chipped.  I'm going to sand those later, re-spackle, sand again, and then paint it sometime this week.  Roscoe's crate is right next to our fireplace, and it's actually not on the floor.  There is a step up and it's actually a built in entertainment center.  We don't use it as such, since our TV is way larger than the opening is built.  This is what it looked like before Roscoe passed away...sorry for the odd angle, but I didn't take a before shot today, wasn't thinking about it.

The fireplace is behind the very large sofa.  See where Roscoe's crate is?  Well, we're going to paint it the same dark brown color as the rest of the trim work.  Then we're going to put shelves in there.  I'm very much looking forward to it.  One thing this house lacks is STORAGE.  I must own 6 bookcase and they're all full.  And not just with books...crafts, art supplies, office supplies, school supplies, sewing machine, games, puzzles...there is not a single coat or linen closet in this house and it drives me crazy!

I will share the end result when I'm done...hopefully by next weekend!

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