Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Freak Sarah Out

My husband was home for an entire week.  It was lovely.  One night after the kids were in bed, we were lying in bed together.  He was flipping through news channels.  I had my head on his chest and he was playing with my hair (even before I got it all fixed.  What an awesome hubby.)  He murmured sleepily, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we had twins someday?"  And I thought, Uhhhh, NO.  I'd love to have another baby...even two more babies!  But not two at once.  This lady requires sleep and I have student loans to pay off.  I giggled and told him to knock it off.
Today, on facebook, my Aunt Linda sent me an instant message.  I hadn't talked to her in years.  Not because I'm angry or she's angry.  But she's rarely online and we don't have a phone conversation.  I've actually never met this aunt except for when I was an infant, due to my sperm donor bio dad leaving my mom high and dry.  Anyway, I have a cordial email relationship with the Millers in my life, and I'm pretty ok with that.  However, what she said made my stomach drop into my colon:
"Sarah!  I dreamt that you had twins and I begged you to let me remain your aunt so I can visit you!"

Yeah, ok.  A bit freaked out now.  lol


Jennifer M. said...

Wow, how random is that? It's weird in the first place that your husband would even say that. I wonder if it's something he'd been thinking about for awhile? Then to have your aunt whom you haven't seen in forever say the same thing? Totally creepy. Lol. Maybe God's trying to tell you something. ;P

Sarah R said...

Oh goodness, Jennifer. That's what Mr. R're adding to my freak factor! LOL!
Twins happens to run on his side of the family. Quite a few sets actually. His younger sister actually miscarried a set of twins when she was a teenager. And now that I'm past 35, I'm at a higher risk of having multiples, if I were to get pregnant.
I did ask Aunt Linda if my paternal side has twins, and she said "no."
How are you doing, by the way. I still owe you an article!