Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sinus Infections, Algebra and New Screens, Oh My!

I'm pretty sure I managed to find myself in the trifecta of hell this week.  As you can tell by my title, I had a sinus infection.  I just don't get stuffed and sneeze.  My entire face swells up, when I sneeze I spray blood across a room, and I continually wet my pants from the racking coughs assaulting my body.  I was actually glad Mr. R was not home to enjoy the view. 
Then I started algebra.  The class itself is ok; but I was having issues downloading the program I needed and spent more than an hour on the "live chat" with the slowest rep ever.  It was like texting a wall.  Five minutes would go by without a response and I nearly shut down to start over when he'd finally reply with something.  Annoying!
Then my job, which is in the process of trying to be as "green" as possible, is going to eliminate paper schedules and we're all working off screens instead.  Trying to relearn a job I've been doing for ten years has basically given me the brain-ache from Satan's playroom.  I've literally had a headache for a week. 

Although my post is not all doom and gloom.  I got my glasses!  Check me out.

In front of the computer, as you can tell by the glow in the reflection.  Do you like them?  I loooove my new glasses!  They are actually burgundy and have a bit of bling on the sides (do you see the silver on the hinge?  It's rhinestones!)

Oy.  The hair.  Ignore it.  I colored it today to get rid of the gray and it dried weird.  Plus it's in that weird growing out phase.  Hoping I will be back to normal hair by my birthday in May!

There's my bling!  Loving it!

Me and Miss Baby Girl hamming it up.

As soon as I pick up a camera, she's there.

What in the world is wrong with this kid, I don't know.

We're both insane.


Kelly said...

I love your glasses. And your hair looks adorable!

What I did laugh at is you are wearing no sleeves! I am wearing a thermal long sleeved Henley, a fleece hoodie, flannel jammie bottoms, thick socks, slippers and am wrapped in a big old blanket. I live in the wrong state I tell ya!

Sarah R said...

It was...I think 78 yesterday when I took these pictures. We had a cold front come through today, it's raining and 59. I'm actually wearing the same dress but I threw a hoodie on over it.
And flip flops. :D

Jennifer M. said...

Love the new glass! Makes you look really smart. ;)

NIDA said...

you are very dangrous in these pics