Monday, January 31, 2011

I Normally Don't Like Mondays...

For all the same reasons everyone else doesn't like Mondays.  Back to work, back to alarm clocks, back to belonging to my boss instead of myself.  I did not have a great weekend.  I ended up babysitting my friend's son from Friday to Sunday and I was not prepared for it.  He's 12 and a great kid, but he was sick, and now I think Tiger is getting it.  Plus I just got over being sick.  I failed my algebra exam; I got a 36.  Awful.  Lost my cell phone.  And the thermostat on my car is about to die.

Last night, I was terribly upset by my first failing exam grade the entire time I've been at Herzing.  I'm so glad Mr. R was home; he completely empathized, rubbed my shoulders, brought me water and eventually made it ALL GO AWAY (ahem.)  By the time I fell asleep, I was not thinking about algebra anymore.  Mr. R's alarm set for 5am unfortunately woke me up before it woke him up (he went fishing with our pastor today.)  Oh, I have I mentioned that due to all the blizzards in the country, Mr. R hasn't worked in almost two weeks?  Yeah.  Glad he's home, not happy about the lack of money.  I got up this morning, turned on the computer, and almost dissolved into tears.  I just wasn't feeling it, you know?  And then, against my very will, I'M HAVING A GREAT DAY!

Oh yes, I know it's only lunch time, but every account I've touched has fallen neatly into place.  I'm going through accounts at a speed I haven't done in a while.  Doctor offices are returning my calls, every website is working properly.  I decided to do a McDonalds run for lunch; their credit card machine was broken so I got my meal for free!  I also had my mock interview today for my career class at Herzing; the instructor said I did a great job!  Then I remembered I'm due for an upgrade on my phone anyway, so I'm probably going to look into that once I get off the clock.  There's great music playing on the channel on cable (I listen to the music stations in the 400 channels during the day; no commercials, no reruns!), the school hasn't called me, and my hair is long enough for a (short) ponytail again.  Plus, no more headaches; my glasses are great and I'm thinking about returning for a second pair come income tax refund time.

I just have to thank God for today.  For taking a day I normally detest, and giving me a reason to smile.  For reminding me that I *am* good at my job!  For forcing me to count even small blessings like functional glasses and quilted toilet paper.  God is good, peeps!

Other things that rocked today:
  • I remembered to pull meat out of the freezer at 7am, not 5pm.  Score!
  • Mr. R left me coffee in the pot.
  • We had plenty of milk for the kids cereal this morning.
  • It is 72 outside.  I love Florida winters!
  • My favorite bra was clean and waiting for me in my drawers.  Comfy boobs are happy boobs!
  • I had a doctor office call me "young lady" on the phone.  That cracks me up.
  • My fax wasn't working this morning, but I managed to fix it very quickly, and without calling anyone to help!
  • I'm getting a bonus in February; it is based on yearly income and mine should be in the $500-$600 range.  I plan to do a major grocery shop with it.  I have recently become sort of obsessed with food storage, and I'm trying to get a 1 month supply of groceries in the house at all times.  Harder than you think with 5 people.
  • Mr. R complimented me on my coupon usage.  He went shopping without me and couldn't figure out how to do it.  Next time, we can go together and I'll teach him.
  • I got an A on my resume; I haven't written one in ten years and I think I did a pretty fabu job!


Kelly said...

Woo Hoo for a great day!!!

I'm glad Mr. R is stranded at home and not somewhere up north.

I cried when I saw the weather predicted for the week. No way Doug will be home on time this week; I am home! Oh the irony LOL.

I hope we don't lose power.

It was 8F here when I woke up; last Monday it was -9, so 8 isn't too bad, and the sun is shining!! I'm going to walk the girlie this afternoon and enjoy the sun. It is 18 now LOL.

You crack me up...comfy boobs are happy boobs.......

Missy said...

Thanks for making me smile!