Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today, I Feel Guilty

Mr. R got a quick trip up to Michigan, and took Bucket with him. I only have the two older kids, Missy and Tiger.
It's so weird around here. Is it so wrong to think, "oh thank you Lord" that I am getting a break from my most difficult child? I love him so very dearly. But he is intense and moody and very argumentative. As soon as he left, I think I slept about 10 hours. I'll be glad to see him again next week, but for now, I am very happy that he is getting special time with Daddy, and that I can relax. My plan today is to head to the beach (Bucket hates the beach for the most part, unable to swim in that water, he doesn't care for the sensation of sand) and go grocery shopping this evening. I also woke up, unfortunately, with a sore throat. It feels like someone ran a cheese grater down my neck. I'm waiting for my coffee to perk so I can get some warmth relief.

Right now, I'm cutting coupons for my trip this afternoon to the store. I walked around the neighborhood and took the newspapers from the abandoned houses on my street, so I have about four times the coupons I normally have. Overkill? Perhaps. But I don't consider it stealing, no one lives there anymore and those newspapers just get wet and rot.

YMCA update: Didn't go as much this week because Mr. R was home. He did go with us one day, and he really helped me on the machines, setting me up on schedule. I appreciate him doing that for me.

I still know, I need to post a picture of the new hair. I still like the length...just not sure how to style it, so it looks awful right now. I bought some styling products yesterday and will experiment with the hair this evening after I take my shower. I should have a picture by tomorrow.


Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

I'm happy you get some time to relax! You are an amazing & hard working Mommy! It's okay to have a little break, I know you love Bucket with all your heart! You'll be refreshed & ready to love on him when he comes home! I'm praying for your throat too! Love you! : )

Sarah R said...

Erin, you're so sweet. Missy and I are going to the beach as soon as I find my swimsuit (lol!) to relax and soak up a little bit of sun. (not too much, don't want to burn!) I do love very very much that I get a little teary eyed when I think of his sweet face. He is just so very involved, and to think he only has mild autism makes my heart ache for those who have children with moderate and severe autism. Mr. R called me to say they had a one hour conversation about video games. and that my little guy has been eating nonstop...sounds like a boy to me!

Kelly said...

Sarah, don't feel guilty. My difficult child is my oldest. We encouraged (OK forced) him to get his own apartment this spring. It is heaven here now! And I like seeing him when he comes over instead of cringing when he pulls in the drive to come home.

Have fun at the beach! And I can't wait to see your hair.