Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Church Today

I had every intention of going to church this morning. We attend Deltona Lakes Baptist.
I love this church. I actually don't consider myself a Baptist, but I love the pastors, and the church family I've created. I will call a church member if I need help, generally before I call a family member. That's what church families are for, in my opinion. Anyway, we have had some major drama since Friday. Bucket is suspended from school on Monday, supposedly for making extremely profane remarks towards two girls. I won't go into details about the remarks except that they involve rape and murder. And as much as I know Bucket has issues, I really can't fathom my 11 yr old son saying stuff like that. He can be rude, and tactless, and annoying, but he is still at the age where he thinks girls are kind of icky and he avoids them. So sexual comments, to me anyway, seem unlikely. Anyway, since he is suspended on Monday, I made an emergency appointment with his psych doctor. She was nice enough to fit him in on Monday morning. Bucket is definitely having major sleep issues. He only sleeps every other day right now. He has been on regular OTC sleeping pills, and he has grown immune to them. Melatonin did nothing for him.
Anyway, with him not sleeping on Friday night, he finally fell asleep on Saturday night at 11pm in the recliner. He is just now, at 10am, waking up. He is cranky and argumentative and really, really hungry. His Sunday school class starts in 5 minutes, and I don't think he can pull himself together in that amount of time. I'm going to let him stay home, watch cartoons, eat cereal, and be a regular little boy. Tomorrow will be a day that is hard on him, because he hates going to the doctor and not being in school.

This is Bucket with our extremely old cat, O'Malley. O'Malley likes to sleep on the towels in my closet.


Jennifer M. said...

Wow! That is a lot to deal with. I hope everything will turn out alright.

In other news: You've received a blog award! Check it out:

Sarah R said...

Wow! Thank you! I've never gotten a blog award before!