Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend Plans

Well, last weekend I slept for 32 out of 48 hours, sprayed blood out of my nose when I sneezed and continually wet my pants during maniacal coughing fits. I'm sure hoping this weekend is less...leaky.

Tonight, I need to drop Missy off at Sissy's house for about an hour or so. Sissy has been practicing her nail art on Missy, and the super long nails are driving Missy insane. She can't use her cell phone *OH THE HORRORS!* so she's going to get the nails cut down to a more manageable length. You know, non-talon length. The boys prefer to do nothing on Fridays. Well, they eat a lot and sleep. Which is fine by me. I am thinking about a trip to Goodwill while Missy is at her aunt's house, and maybe Starbucks. My mom gave me a $5 card in my stocking for Christmas, which is good for only one cup of that not insanity? Mr. R was home for two weeks...he finally left today for a trip to Texas and Arizona. A bit bummed that he won't be home for the Superbowl, but glad that he finally got a trip and we can pay or mortgage. We're crazy like that!

I also have a JCPenney gift card and want a new blender. I have been going through a crazy smoothie phase lately. I seriously cannot drink enough blueberries mixed with yogurt and ice. The smoothie stand at the health food store is making too much money off me, so I decided it's time to buy my own blender and make them myself. Better a smoothie in the morning than a bagel I guess.

Other than those things, I intend to study, take a test, write a paper and do a few coding assignments. Saturday is supposed to be a seriously stormy day, so that will be a good time for reading and relaxing. What are you doing this upcoming weekend?

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Michelle said...

Omgosh, woman! Totally made me laugh out loud (and wet myself) with the whole "leaky" comment! You crack me up!