Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Goals

Well, it is that time of year again when we all start thinking about the past year, and the future. I know the usual: lose weight. That's not in my list this year. I wanted to share my goals with ya'll. Feel free to remind me of them when I mess up.

10. Keep my office clean.

Sometimes, it sort of looks like the above.

9. Pay off last two credit cards. It's less than $2000, and I want it gone!

8. Be consistent in exercising. **disclaimer* This is not the same as losing weight. If I lose weight, then so be it. But this is about owning my body and enjoying my time with it.

7. Become a coupon expert!

As the mother of three kids, and apparently the only lady on the block who buys snacks, I spend a lot on groceries. A LOT. So much that when I walk into the Publix, the cashiers yell, "Hi Sarah!" Not a great sign. I'm resolving getting our grocery budget below $1000 a month (I know!) and hopefully closer to $600-700. That's about 30-40%. Be praying for me, mmmkay?

6. Be grateful for something every day.
This seems like a frou-frou touchy feeling psychobabbly kind of goal, but it's true. It's hard to be miserable when you're grateful. I've had days when the only thing I'm grateful for is clocking out and going to bed. But it's ok to be grateful for that, too.

5. Say something nice to each of my kids, every day.
I've noticed that sometimes, all I do is tell them what to do, where to go, and what time to get there. While that is not a bad thing, it's not always loving. I'm going to do my best to tell each of them how much I love them every day.

Example Number 1: "Why, Missy, you are gorgeous just like your Mama."

Example 2: "Why Tiger, what big feet you have."

Example 3: "Thank you, Bucket, for being so polite over and Nana and Papa's house."

4. Say something nice to each of their friends, whenever I see them. Which should be plenty, since I'm the lady who buys the snacks.

3. Do what I love, and love what I do!
Seems simple enough, right? I vow, here on out, to drink my coffee guilt free, to sleep in on weekends happily, and to listen to whatever music I want. That means Nickelback, Third Day, and Michael Buble all in the same day. Why? Because I love them!

2. Give someone else a break.
Both Bucket and I are very justice oriented. Meaning, when I see someone screw up, I want them to get in trouble and face the consequences. I don't like it when DUIers get out of jail, I don't like when people litter, and so on. I'm going to remember that I make mistakes, I sin, and yet I get grace every day. I need to extend that grace to others. Which brings me to Number 1...

Most days, this will mean Bible reading. Other days will mean I need to pray more than usual. I don't want God to be an afterthought, but in my every thought.



Kara said...

Those are good goals. I might have to ::ahem:: borrow some of those...

Sarah R said...

Feel free, Kara. I thought long and hard over them! Happy New Year!

Lesa said...

Love your resolutions! Just found your blog through D'Rae's Slices of Life!

Sarah R said...

Thanks, Lesa. Isn't D'Rae's blog awesome? I don't take as many pictures as she does, but I hope I'll continue to see you. Have a great New Year!