Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Attitude? It's Not That Great

Okay, so I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard to be kind, sweet, gentle, and understanding lately. But honestly, I just want to shove someone down a flight of stairs. I am just in the worst mood lately!

For those asked or care:

1) Did Mr. R and I make up? Yes and no. We're speaking. The phone situation has worked itself out. Basically, my phone is a paperweight, as I can't use it. Except when he calls, and on nights and weekends. So yeah. Paperweight.

2) School? You're not going to believe this, but I'm FAILING. I'm only on the 8th day and I'm FAILING. Between having to take a test when I never received my flippin book and trying to write an APA paper in FOUR DAYS yes I'm failing. I've never failed a class in my life except for Algebra 2 in high school, and seriously, who cares about Algebra 2?

3) Health: ok, I'm actually happy here. Blood pressure down to mostly normal levels. Ok to exercise again. Would be lovely if I actually had the time to do so.

4) Kids: Missy sick. Boys are not sick, but they sure are dirty little creatures. Enough on that.

5) Money: I don't have any.

This Friday, thankfully, both Mr. R and I get paid. Will catch up on silly things like the mortgage (OMG) having actual groceries and my power bill. Will also be silly and spend $20 on going to the high school football game if Missy is feeling better, and then going to an FH sponsored dog wash event on Saturday. I'll be taking pictures of both so I can finally post something on here besides my kvetching.

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Kelly said...


The football game sounds like fun.

I'm trying to think of a date night idea this week. No way can I go dancing. My back is feeling better, but not even better enough to go sit and listen, although I'd be