Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food Network, Ya'll!

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Seeing as how I'm a fat girl, I looooove food! And as I'm getting older, my tastes are becoming a bit more refined, but I'm still not at all frou-frou. Plating means very little to me. I think that's why this particular show, Down Home With The Neely's on Food Network, is one of my favorite. For one, they are the most adorable couple. You can tell they are truly in love. Second, they make REAL FOOD. Not some crazy thing you can only find in Uruguay in September. They specialize in BBQ, comfort food, and they really work together as a team which is so endearing.

I try to tune in every evening, I believe they come on at 5:30. I grab my glass of water, my blanket, and snuggle into the couch and watch them cook. I would definitely try their recipes. Most of them anyway.

Last night they made hot wings, and as you can tell from previous posts, I love me some wings. But the dessert that Gina made...I am not sure what to think of it. It was called "Gina's BBQ Brie with Raspberries." I mean, I'm willing to try new food, but this one just looked like a blood clot. This is not the exact picture, but it's close. This just doesn't look good enough to eat, to me. Would you eat this? I like cheese, and I like raspberries, but together? Is it like a grilled cheesecake? I just don't know. They were spreading it on crackers.


D'Rae said...

That photo of you and your cat is a cute one! You actually look relaxed.

We picked our date because it was inbetween my parents and his parents. My parents is the 4th and his is the 27, Ours is the 18. Looking back, I kinda wish I would have had a fall wedding. But only because fall is my favorite time. But i loved our wedding so I am not complaining.

mom2nji said...

The dessert actually sounds good to me! lol
but not with hot wings. I love hot wings but brie doesnt seem like a good fit.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I like the Neely's, too! And I'm also reading books on shopping in bulk, food storage, and freezer cooking.

It's official. We MUST do lunch~!

Sarah R said...

Absolutely, Terry! Why, you're just down the road anyway!