Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deltona Farmer's Market

I was at first super excited about my little city (actually, it's the largest city in my county) having a farmer's market. Mr. R and I adore fresh produce. Shockingly, this fat girl loves a salad, adores fruit, and when I was pregnant, I used to make myself pots of broccoli to satisfy cravings. No joke. So I brought my camera to the market. I was dismayed to find it really wasn't much of a farmer's market. It appears they bought stuff from Publix and just decided to sell it in a parking lot instead. Because I don't think most farmers have their herbs with little plastic doohickeys stuck in them. Give me a handwritten, misspelled sign! COME ON. At least make me THINK its an authentic farmer's market. Sheesh. Oh of food.

They were selling flowers too. I don't remember what these are, but aren't they pretty? You know I'm going to take pictures of stuff that is red. You peeps know me by now.

I loooove these plants. They're called "dusty millers" and I remember that because Miller was my maiden name. I think they look like they're dusted with snow. Don't you think so?

Your basic palm. I bet my northern readers think it's pretty. Well, I'm sick of 'em. Bet ya didn't know that huge roaches live in them. Think they're so pretty now? NOT.

YAAAAAAAAY for handwritten farmer signs! What is pennyroyal anyway? Do you cook with it, or is it a medicinal herb? I don't know. I could google it, but I'm lazy.

Gardenias. Another favorite of mine. I have gardenia scented lotion that I rub all over my feetums when I'm done taking a shower, and then I put socks on at night. Keeps the feetums moisturized and not at all stinky.

Ok, I just thought that was funny. Carry on.

Not sure what it is, ^^^ but it sure is PURTY.

Red, pink, I love the tropical looking plants. Except for the palms.

Look at that handsome guy checking out the melons...hahahahaha! Oh, man I am funny. What? Was that inappropriate? Hmph.

Tiger's favorite...CORNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Is it a pickle if it hasn't been pickled yet, or is just a cucumber?

Red peppers. LOVE. Unfortunately, no one else in the house likes peppers. So I only get them if we're eating out, because it's just going to rot. I can't eat them fast enough on my own.

I want salsa in the worst way right now.

Look at those gorgeous maters. I love, love, love tomatoes. And not just because they're red. I've always loved them. Yet I hate ketchup. I am so odd.

Mmmmm, string beans! I bought a bag of these and cooked em up that very night. I did it old school southern style, by frying up some bacon (only about three slices), then cutting up the bacon and cooking it in with the beans, and then adding almond slivers. It is absolutely delicious, and no I don't use the bacon grease. I am neither my mother-in-law or Paula Deen.

Red potatoes make such an awesome mashed potato. I add garlic.

Acorn squash, and I have no idea how to make that, so I left it. Still took a picture though.

My melons are huge! Bwahahahaha...what? Inappropriate again? I don't think so.

Juicy goodness.

And Mr. R's favorite...cabbage. Which I don't like. Although maybe if I learned how to make eggrolls, I'd buy it. But just boiled cabbage to me, looks like snot.

Hooray for my sorta new camera that I'm still learning to use! And hooray for a happy post! Bet you guys are sick of me whining. I'm sick of it too. Love you guys!


Miriam said...

girl, you made me laugh so hard, I think I wet the couch... I miss you!!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I hate fake farmer's markets, too.