Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Picked the Date

April 6, 2009.

That's the day we reverse the mistake we made back in September 1998. We are traveling to Oklahoma for the vasectomy reversal. And because we're doing it over Spring Break, either Mr. R is going alone, or we have to bring all three kids with us. On a plane. Oh my word. This physician's entire summer was booked solid, and we had hoped to do the procedure then so we could make a little vacation out of it. Looks like other people thought the same thing!

I'm excited, but my organizational side is kicking in. I'm trying to figure out the timing, the hotel, the rental car, what I can do with the kids while Mr. R is recuperating. Logistics are a nightmare here. Not only that, but neither boy has been on a plane before. Missy went to England with my parents when she was 10, but this will be a new experience for my boys.

Inside, I'm excited. Wondering what God has in store for us. Wondering if future children await us. Or perhaps our effort will not bring us children. I don't know. We have a few obstacles against us, but then again, we always have. Obstacles don't scare me. To be truthful, I'm not scared about any of this. Mr. R isn't either. You know, you'd think a guy would be nervous about having his "area" cut into, and having a drain to take care of, but he was very nonchalant about it. Just said that I "owed" him, and that if anyone else was going to take drastic measures to their body again, it would be me. Sounds fair, I suppose!

In totally different news, I finally got my camera! Unfortunately, you can't do anything with it until you get a memory card. One would think if they spent $400 on a camera, it would come with a memory card, but apparently, thinking is not my strong skill. So now I have to go out later today and pick up a few. I also broke my headset for work. This makes phone calling incredibly painful for my neck and shoulders, so I have to get a new one of those tonight also. What an expensive week!


mom2nji said...

I am soooo stinking happy for you. I am excited to see God's plan for your family unfold!

Miriam said...

YAY!! I can't wait to see more pictures of everyone!!!

Sarah R said...

I wish I could take photography classes from you now, honey!