Friday, November 7, 2008


That's what I got on my first test in Medical Terminology. I panicked when I saw that it was a timed test, 2 hours. I thought, OH CRAP, this is going to be hard! A two hour test?
I finished it in four minutes.
I tell ya, it definitely helps that I took two years of Latin, plus have worked in a hospital for almost 8 years. I only stumbled on one question, the very first one. I had to grab my book off the shelf to make sure I was right...which I was. After that, I relaxed and just ran through the questions.
College is kind of fun so far. I've always considered myself a smart person, and while I realize this is just online community college, I feel like I'm giving my brain a good workout lately, and I like it.
It helps that all my A classes are free!

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