Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love it When They Speak Their Minds

I had to drive Tiger to saxophone practice on Tuesday afternoon. I took the opportunity to grab my Windows 2007 book to study in the car while I waited on him. I got in the car and handed the book to Tiger to hold.
He looked down. His eyes got huge. He said, "Mom, this is hard! I don't even understand what this says!" I said, "It does look hard, but I'm doing very well in this class. In fact, I have an A right now."
He mulled that over for a bit and said, "Mom, does Dad know you're this smart?", son. I hide it well. I hide it well.

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Julia said...


I was talking to some friends one time about technology and gadgetry and Andrew was listening in. I said, "This one of the many areas Richard is smarter than me, so I count on him to do most of that stuff." Andrew piped in, "That's strange because you're smarter than Daddy usually." Please never repeat that line in front of your father, dear.