Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Desk, Ordered!

Oh, what a load off my shoulders. My desk has been ordered. I got such an awesome desk. The funny thing is, I have been researching desk options for months, and once I got to the store, I saw them and hated them. So I found something completely different! Instead of a huge L-shaped desk, I got separate pieces, in case we ever move and I don't have a corner for my desk. I got one very large "writing desk", it is 5 feet long and about 3 feet wide. It is probably twice as big as what I have now. Then, I skipped the hutch, because I tend to collect clutter in the one I have now. Besides, my desk has a keyboard drawer, and then four other storage drawers, whereas right now I only have two drawers. So I won't need to keep extra supplies in the hutch.
I also bought a very, very nice filing cabinet. The top portion of the cabinet locks so that is where I will probably keep my FH stuff. The bottom cabinet will have our family paperwork. The filing cabinet matches the desk. Then I also purchased a 6 foot tall bookcase, also matching the desk. This will be where I house my coding books, college books, CPU, shredder and my paper. I'm thinking I'll put my 4-in-1 on top of the filing cabinet.
Unfortunately, the stuff I ordered is out of stock, and won't be available until August 7, and then once it comes in, they will call me to make a delivery appointment. I'm actually ok with this delay, because it gives me time to move all of Mr. R's junk out of the area I plan to move into. Right now, we have paint cans, tools, and extra wood flooring stored there. I also have the opportunity to paint the wall if I choose, and put up the baseboards. All in all, I am super happy about this development. I am hoping I will be set up in my new office by September, maybe Labor Day weekend I will put it all together. Once I get a new camera (mine broke! Boooooo!) I will take before and after shots and post them so you can see my old yucky desk, the breakfast nook area I'm moving into, and the completed office. myspace graphic comments
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Miriam said...

holy crow, that's a ton of furniture!! You must live in fear of the monster amount of stuff that must be living on and around your desk right now!! hahaha, I'm excited for you girl!!

Sarah R said...

Oh Miriam. I'm not even sure I bought enough. You would not believe how much I do on this desk.
a) 40 hr work week
b) part time college
c) 3 kids using computer

Literally, my computer is on about 15 hours per day. Between all 4 of us using it. And when Mr. R is home, he gets on too. When you work in the medical field, the amount of reference books is astounding. Plus I keep the kid's school supplies in this area. head hurts!