Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Cleaned It Anyway

I cleaned my desk this morning. I couldn't take it anymore. It's bad when Bucket asks me why the desk is messy. If a 10 year old boy thinks something is messy, it's generally tornado-stricken. So I am now typing on my clean desk, with the drawers stacked neatly around me because they no longer fit in the drawer areas. Because it's all busted.
Let's see, I've done two loads of laundry this morning, cleaned my bathroom, did one load of dishes, cleaned my desk, paid the bills, and shredded some paperwork. I took my lunch break, then decided to hop online to see if anyone e-mailed me. I like getting e-mails!
The check from Herzing still didn't come! Although I am grateful that no bills came in the mail today. Just some junk mail from a guy in Orlando "wishing to purchase our home at full price" and something from Office Depot. Shred shred shred. So there will be no desk shopping this weekend. *pouts*
I have a few more things to accomplish today. Finish the laundry, sweep the floors, pick up Missy from her friend Stephanie's house. I may go to Blockbuster to get the Guitar Hero Aerosmith game for Missy (I pre-ordered it and then forgot I did that, duhhhh) and I need to run to Publix for milk, cereal, and the like. The chore I am most the kids bathroom. Missy is not a slob, but those boys...really, how hard is it to aim? I'd love to pee standing up but biology does not permit. Their bathroom is gross and smells worse. And it's the bathroom that our guests use, so I'm kind of OCD about it. So after I'm done with all my other chores, I will do that one last. Then take a very, very long hot shower to destroy whatever boy cooties I might pick up.

Man I Gotta Pee
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Cappy said...

This boy seems too little to be drinking beer. He should at least cut down.