Friday, July 11, 2008

3 Day Weekend, Ya'll

I'm telling you, there is nothing like kicking back on a Friday afternoon, clocked out early, knowing that you don't have to sit down again until Tuesday morning. It's BLISS I tell you. Pure bliss!
I have Monday off because Missy has a dental cleaning, but she is also getting one of her gnarly baby teeth pulled. She is thrilled because it is right in front of her adult teeth and makes her smile look sort of weird. She gets this from me, as most of my baby teeth had to be pulled out. It's like God used cement on my jaws. I actually like my teeth very much. They are mostly straight, not too gappy, I've only had one cavity in 33 years, and still fairly white, considering my obsessive coffee addiction. I'd love to get them whitened but I'm too cheap to pay $250 for it.
So far, Mr. R has not had one single phone call regarding any of the applications we did for a local jobs. It's quite discouraging. Considering he has so many years of experience, has all his endorsements, no tickets, no DUI's, a clean background and credit check, NOT ONE SINGLE COMPANY HAS CALLED HIM BACK. It makes me want to scream! It has a lot to do with the fact that once he gets a local job, he will probably sell his semi truck, which will pay for the reversal. Yes, I'm still on that. Yes, I'm not giving up. I know four pregnant people right now, that's four baby showers I have to go, and not one is for me! I have issues with this, people. Big issues!

Herzing (the online college I'm attending) told me on Monday that my check would be in the mail for the overage on the student loans. Today is Friday and still no check. I am really hoping it is in my mailbox tomorrow. Mr. R will be home again probably Tuesday night and I want him to come shopping with me for my new desk. I know I keep posting about how much I hate my desk, but that is because I sit at this thing at least 40 hours per week and I can't avoid being at it. I'm not even cleaning it anymore. I just make sure there is no food on it, and the rest of it can rot.
Speaking of rot...I am addicted to internet furniture sales. And I also got a Bed Bath Beyond flyer in the mail today. This flyer is like porn to me. I flip through the pages salivating and breathing heavily. I looooove Bed Bath Beyond. It's just wrong how much I want the flyers to be in my mailbox. And this one came with a $10 coupon too...oh my word. Could I BE any happier?
Wow, this post was sort of all over the place, but I haven't posted in four days and felt like I had a lot to say.

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