Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr. R got his Hazmat endorsement

We are working on getting Mr. R home! He was home yesterday, and he went to the DMV to get his Hazmat endorsement. This is an endorsement that allows Mr. R to transport chemicals, gasoline and weapons. Shockingly, almost every local job in the Orlando area requires this endorsement. Makes me even happier driving around Orlando, hahaha. Yeah, I think I'll stay at home where the only dangerous chemical around here is the after-effects of Mexican Monday.
We had to pay $107 for the honor of having this little endorsement, and a background check. Unfortunately, the background check takes 30 days, which means he still can't apply for a local job for another month. This is driving me bonkers. Roadblocks keep getting thrown up, but I want to believe that this is in God's perfect timing and plan for Mr. R, so I'm trying not to be pessimistic. I just want my husband home, you know? I want to spend more than one weekend a month with him. I want to lie in bed with him at night, and have dinner with him, and go to church with him every Sunday.

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This is sort of what his truck looks like.

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