Friday, May 2, 2008

Update on Sarah's Life

Oh wow, long time no post. First, I am sick. Not sure if sinus infection, or flu, or cold, but I feel awful. I'm running a low grade fever, my voice takes personal breaks from working, and I sound like a barking seal when I cough. I also coughed so hard that I threw up on myself, and I'm having to wear a pad because I pee when I sneeze or cough. Isn't that pleasant information? I am very sure Mr. R was glad to leave for Illinois yesterday, since I am a cesspool of health here.
Let's see. Tiger had his 11th birthday on Wednesday. I can't believe he is almost done with 5th grade, and will be starting middle school in August. His birthday party is this Saturday. He wanted an ice cream party and just to have his friends hang out and play.
I am also officially a student again, as of Monday May 5. Excited? Oh yeah. I was able to receive enough grants and help from my job so that this should not cost me a dime out of my own pocket. I am thrilled, of course. Right now, I am only going for my AS in medical coding and billing. If I want to go further after that, I will. But this is good enough for me now, and I'm proud of me.
Got tax refund today, plus I got paid, plus Mr. R got paid. What a relief it is to start writing checks and the pile of papers in my bill box is dwindling. One of the best things in life, in my opinion, is not to owe ANYONE any money. Granted, I have this house, and my car, but to be debt free for the most part is awesome.
I meant to start reading Proverbs yesterday, but was so sick, I fell asleep and forgot. So I will read two proverbs today to catch up. I don't like starting a project already behind, but illness generally makes me loopy.

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