Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Price of Diesel is Killing Us

We were so blessed to pay off Mr. R's semi. Mr. R was hoping and praying that this was the answer to our financial prayers. Having a child with a disability has limited my career. I consider this a blessing, as I have not put my children in daycare, and I am here for them when they need me. (which is all the time, of course!)
I have to say, God has an amazing sense of timing, because just as the we paid off the semi, the price of diesel skyrocketed. We were hoping to save about $1100 per month without having a truck payment, and instead, we are just breaking even again because all the extra profit is going to fuel. Mr. R is reconsidering his choice of career. I am blessedly stable in this area, praise the Lord. It may be selfish of me, but I pray that whatever Mr. R chooses to do next, it is something where he is home more often. I am quite the lonely lady here at times. Yes, I have the kids, and I love them dearly, but that is obviously not the same as having your husband next to you at night.

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