Sunday, April 14, 2013

At Least You I Know I Brush My Teeth

I didn't notice until AFTER I uploaded my pics there is a water spot on the front of my dress.  I know exactly where it came from, too.  I had just leaned up against the sink while I brushed the ol fangs.  Hey, good oral hygiene is important!

This outfit is mostly Target.  Jewelry, purple maxi dress, and shoes.  The black wrap top is Coldwater Creek which I purchased off eBay many years ago. 

Boo boo on top of left foot which is not healing and I may have to go to doctor before something nasty like staph gets inside it.  I'm going on three weeks with this sore not getting any better.  Damn you, diabetes.  Damn you.

I know many fashion bloggers think hard about their outfits.  What does it say about  me?  Am I promoting a brand or emotion?  My outfit says "I didn't shave my legs and I need to sit cross legged on the floor with squirmy kindergarteners."

My basic church requirement is met here.  Pretty, modest, conservative, covered and respectful.  My butt, unfortunately, never gets the message and takes over most outfits. 

I'm in the middle of my two week waiting period (or 2ww as I've read elsewhere) but I admit I am not feeling pregnant right now.  My hair is normal, no issues with nausea, and I'm not overly tired.  I guess I'll know in about a week, though.

Still no hair cut, either.  The husband is begging for long hair and I am wanting a shorter cut so badly.  I think if I had bad hair he wouldn't object so much but I really do have gorgeous hair (not being stuck me I know how to cut myself down.  Out of all my many faults, I can brag on my hair.) and I understand why he likes it long.  But ugh...summer is coming and it's so hot outside.  My hair is so thick and unruly and it's now long enough again that the weight of it when I put it up on a bun gives me headaches.  How did women of the Victorian age grow their hair out so long and not suffer from it?


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Living the Creative Life said...

"How did women of the Victorian age grow their hair out so long and not suffer from it?"

They probably did suffer but it was a man's world back then so they probably just put up with it. They also wore corsets and crap like that back then as well! Yuck!