Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours!

We had stopped looking for a local job for Mr. R for now.  Nothing is out there, and even those jobs which are open fill up so quickly that Mr. R has been unable to get to Orlando or Sanford to fill out applications before those positions get snapped up.  However, I didn't turn off the automatic emails I get from CareerBuilder, which are deposited in my inbox every Monday morning.  I was flipping through my inbox this morning, deleting stuff, when I saw it.  I almost didn't read it.  Almost.  Then I saw something which caught my eye; the name of my city.

What's so odd about that?  Well, there are NO jobs in my city.  Yeah, fast food and stuff.  But I live in what is known as a bedroom community, meaning there is nothing but houses as far as the eye can see, plus gas stations and Walmart.  It is not a city known for commerce.  There's a trucking company in my city?  I had to click on the link.

And what a link it was!  A trucking company, linked with the US Post Office, needing a local driver.  I immediately called Mr. R and told him, and he agreed that we should fax over his resume.  I read his resume very quickly just to make sure there were no typos or outdated info (none!) and faxed it.
Mr. R called me 20 minutes to say that this company had called him within 10 minutes of receiving the fax.  Wow!  He had spent the last ten minutes talking to their recruiter, and Mr. R liked what they had to say.  It is a local job, six days a week, Monday-Saturday.  It starts at 4:45am, and runs until about 10:30.  Then, he has a very long break, and back to work around 3pm, until 6:30.  Odd hours, definitely, but who's WALKING DISTANCE from our house!  It is literally a 15 minute walk from our front door to their location.  He'd be home for lunch every day (for almost 4 hours!), and home for dinner every night, and Sundays off so he can attend church.  He wouldn't miss any more of Tiger's band performances either!

The pay is decent...definitely a living wage.  The only bummer is that they insist that the employee get covered under their insurance plan, which is a LOT more expensive than the one we have now.  But only Mr. R has to get it, not me or the kids.  I guess we'll get to that step when we get to it. 
After work today, I have to fill out the full eleven page application and fax it back in, and then they're going to set up an interview. 

I'm sitting here literally GIGGLING wondering what God may have in store for us next!  All of these wonderful things keep happening!  I sure hope this job pans out, and that my husband will be home every night!


D'Rae said...

I will keep praying for you and the family! This is awesome!

Kelly said...

Sarah...I will be praying. I know what you are feeling right now, and I'm excited for you guys!

Sarah R said...

Thank you, thank you. Even Mr. R's sister is on board to watch the kids while we're in Tampa. It's all about the money at this point, and I hope the Lord won't bring me this far to let us down. Just time to hunker down and put money away!

Jennifer M. said...

Wow that is so cool! It definitely seems like a God thing. Hopefully this will all work out!! How great to have a job within walking distance, too - he'll save a lot on gas money!