Sunday, May 8, 2011


Not thrilled with these pictures, not thrilled with my day.  Despite having both funds and time, my kids did nothing for Mother's Day for me.  Not even a $2 card.  I am so not materialistic, I swear it.  I could care less about jewelry, gift cards, or other kinds of gifts.  I am not a gifty person.  But I was so disappointed.  No breakfast in bed, no homemade cards, nothing.  My mom sent me a card.  It was nice of her, but it was not the same thing.  No special dinner either.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why I bother.

Anyway.  On to my pics for the day.

Nice garbage pile in my neighbor's yard.  I didn't notice it until now.  And again, more proof that I desperately need to lose weight.  The front of my dress rides up to cover my gut.  Nice.

I guess I looked better leaving.

Time for another hair cut.  That gray is clearly loving me, it doesn't want to leave my head.

Would have been a cute pic, except that there is some floating crap in the way.

Why do weeds grow right in front of garage doors?
Dress:  Goodwill, $5.99.  Label torn out so I have no idea.
Pink tank top, Walmart, $2.
Necklace, Lane Bryant...I think $15 about four years ago.  Comes with matching earrings but I didn't wear them today.  Shoes, $19.99, Avenue.

Hope your day was better than mine.  Almost makes me look forward to Mondays.  The giveaway is still coming, I just didn't buy the Target gift card yet.  Don't worry, it's coming.


Kelly said...

Oh...I love the brown with the pink cami. And you are adorable....lose weight, don't lose're adorable.

Allen bought me a card for MD because he went shopping with Doug yesterday when he bought one for his mom.

Jordan was going to fix me a coconut rum and doctor pepper for a gift, but I didn't want a drink today LOL.

Isaac did call...sweet boy all the way out there in CA.

Long ago I gave up any expectation of Mother's Day, my birthday, whatever. Now if I want to celebrate a certain way or make sure they remember, I talk to them about it a couple weeks in advance. Not so romantic or surprising, but it works.

I did cook dinner today, and made a to die for chocolate pudding cake that was very WW friendly. I'm going to put it on my recipe blog tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day Sarah!! You are the best mom I've never met :)

Heather Rhodes said...


I am so sorry that your kids didn't take the time to show their appreciation! I'm sure that really hurts... You bother because you care and that is what makes you a good mom. I remember being in my teens and I didn't show my appreciation for my mother either... It wasn't because I didn't love or care for her, it was because I was an inconsiderate teen. One day soon, they will realize how wonderful you are to them and they will regret not treating you better! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you! =)


Randal said...

I love you Sarah! You are a wonderful Mom & you look beautiful! I'm so sorry that your day was sad & disappointing! Some day your children will realize what an amazing Mom they have been blessed with. Love you, friend!

Jennifer M. said...

Lol. That "floating crap" is sunlight reflecting off your camera lens. ;)

I'm sorry you had such a lousy Mother's Day!! That's supposed to be your special day!