Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today I went to church by myself.  Tiger is sick, Bucket was sleeping so soundly I couldn't bear to wake him, and Missy just wasn't having it.  So off I went.  I worked with a new girl in the kindergarten room.  Definitely not autistic, but still getting used to a classroom setting.  She's sweet and quiet and I doubt she'll need the extra help very long.  But it was fun being in the classroom again.

On Friday, we got our tax refund.  We promptly paid off the three bills we had intended to pay, and Mr. R bought himself a gift which we had NOT the point where I was pretty steamed because we generally discuss when we're going to buy anything over $100, and he dropped over $600 on himself without saying a word to me.  He's his own man, I get that, but that's a large purchase.  So now he's saying that I can do some shopping (damage control of my favorite kind, lol.)  Yaaaay for me!  Of course, what did I do?  Spent money on the kids.  Tiger needed new pants, Missy always likes new things, so she got some new shirts.  Me?  I found this GORGEOUS navy blue dress at Ross for $16.99!!!

And then, these caaaa-yuuuuute shoes at Avenue for $19.99.  They are that in metallic pewter type color, and more comfortable than they look.  I wouldn't wear them walking around Disney all day, but awesome for a day at church and maybe even work.  However, I actually went to Avenue for bras.  I really, really like that store.  However, their bras are crap.  The bra I am wearing right now I bought at Sears one year ago, and it is a 42DD.  When I went to Avenue, they measured me at a 46C.  I immediately thought that was kinda cuckoo.  I know I'm big on top, but I don't think my ribcage is 46.  In fact, the 42 bra has been loose on me, which made me think I may have either gone down to a 40, or that I just killed the elastic in this one.  So I bought two 46Cs from Avenue, came home and tried them both on this morning.  Neither one fits.  Too tight...could not even latch it on the last hoop.  So now I have to drive all the way back to Sanford to return them.  Shoot, I'm going to just buy another pair of those caaaaa-yuuuuuute shoes in a different color!  They came in a blush pink color too, which is so adorable for spring and summer.  Oh yes.  As long as there is another pair in a size 9W, you shall be mine.  Oh yes.  I also bought, on clearance of course, a raspberry pink cardi for $19.99, and a pair of pajamas pants for $9.99, weirdly enough in that same raspberry pink.  I'm not a huge fan of pink, but lately everything seems to be in that color, and flattering on me, so I'm warming up to it.

Then, I went to Target.  The Target in Orange City, Florida, has been absolute crap lately for anything plus size.  All they have are tee shirts and cargo shorts.  I am so not with you, Target.  I cannot be the only well dressed plus size woman in the area!  Can you please bring back some dresses and skirts, and tops which do not belong in a gym?  I'd sure appreciate it.  Because you know I will be there, buying it.  Almost all of my dresses are Merona for Target.  Also, can I suggest not placing the plus size area in maternity?  It is NOT one in the same, thankyouverymuch.  I had no hope when I hit the clearance rack, except I was praying that I could find a cardigan.  If anyone remembers, that was on my list of stuff I wanted for my possible future career at the hospital.  And...I found one!!!  And can you believe's in NAVY, JUST LIKE MY NEW DRESS!  HOLLA!!!  The cardi is Merona size 2 in plus.  Now, normally I fit into a size 1 in plus, but this cardi is striped and I didn't want the stripes to get wonky, so I sized up.  It was on clearance, and for $12.48.  I scoured the racks hoping to find more in different colors, but didn't luck out.  So navy and white stripes it is. 


Kelly said...

Very pretty! I love the shoes and the dress and the sweater makes it look totally that too.

I've been doing some shopping. I need capris. I spent 1/2 hour at Kohls trying on different sizes and styles (I have no idea what I wear and what styles look good on me now). I decided I need to get to the next size smaller because right now I must be the most popular size! I had a hard time finding anything.

I'm thankful I have several skirts and cute casual dresses. I can wear those longer than pants. They just get longer when they are a little bit instead of sagging in the rear making me look like I have a mess in my drawers LOL.

Anyway, you are so pretty and I love the dress and shoes.

Sarah R said...

Awww, thank you Kelly! I'd actually love to wear capris, but I never feel like they look good on me. I've come to embrace my skirtiness (I make words up as I go, as I need them) and love when I find a deal!

And JUST SAY NO to saggy butts. They're evil!!!

D'Rae said...

Love the new outfit! You are looking good! Those shoes are adorable and I really like the stripes!

Jennifer M. said...

Fun! I love it when I find cute clothes that fit me well. Good job! You should take a little more advantage of your husband's generosity and go crazy in the Jessica London catalog. ;)