Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Favorite Dress

I had to drive into work today for two meetings.  And I managed to stay awake for both.  The first one was actually very informative and left me feeling like I actually did something.  The second had Boston Market and a goodbye cake for a coworker who is moving to a new department.  I think we talked about issues but all I did was eat chicken and nod a lot.  Good meeting.

Wanna see some pictures?

I read  a lot.  As in, it is probably one of my favorite blogs to read.  Politically, we don't have much in common.  But besides, that, wow.  We are both plus sized (well, she is getting smaller on WW) both brunettes, both married our high school sweetheart, but had a daughter first, and both work full time.  We both also graduated high school in 93 (she wrote that on her blog at one point) so we're both 35 now.  We were both raised in households that did both Jewish and Christian holidays, too.  I mean, how odd is that?  But anyway.  Check out her blog, she's funny and real and I'm sure we'd be friends IRL.  But I mention her because I bought the below dress based on her love of Maggy London dresses for the full figured woman.

Ok, I asked Tiger to take my picture this morning.  They did not turn out great.  So I'm trying to take my picture now after I'm tired and makeup is gone.  But the dress...I got it based on Allie recommending Maggy London dresses for her figure.  It looked great on her, I bought one, and kazaam.  New favorite.

Yes.  Just admit it Sarah.  You need spanx for that gut.

So this is when I was being silly and Tiger said, "Really Mom?  You're too old to play fashion model."  Sniffffffff.
I actually really like this picture.  The hair is growing so fast I don't know what to do.  I need pictures like to remind me that I'm pretty while the hair is doing it's own thing.
Long, yet satisfying day at work.  But relieved to be back at home tomorrow.

Clothing:  brown and cream swirly Maggy London dress.  eBay, $19.99 plus shipping.
Shoes you can't see:  nude Target, $6.98
earrings: goldtone hoops $5 for a pack of 6 pairs of earrings.
Makeup: MaryKay.


Jennifer M. said...

We're never too old to play fashion model!! ;P

Allie said...

I am waaaay late on this. How did this not show up on my links until now??? Anyway the dress is fabulous, glad you like it!

And if you are ever in DC we should get together! We'll keep the conversation off politics and on all the things we have in common :)